An Introduction to Game-Based Learning for Students in Online Automotive Courses

If you thought video games and school were two things that couldn’t possibly go together, think again. Game-based learning has increasingly become a part of education, and there are many benefits to incorporating it as part of a school curriculum. Automotive Training Centres offers this as part of our distance learning courses, giving aspiring automotive professionals an innovative tool through which to learn.

With an interactive format that immerses students in their learning as opposed to a traditional class textbook, you can learn how to become a car mechanic in ways you might not have expected. Here’s how game-based learning can enhance your online automotive education.

What is Game-Based Learning, and How Does it Work?

Games being used as a learning mechanism isn’t necessarily a novel idea. In fact, the very concept of kindergarten is rooted in the idea of children learning through playing. However, schools have increasingly tried incorporating game-based learning into a digital curriculum, and its core idea is very much like that of a video game. 

Its typical structure involves the student gradually accumulating skills while playing the game, eventually being able to successfully overcome its more challenging aspects. Through trial and error, students are able to make mistakes and learn from them so that they know not to repeat them in a real-world setting.

It’s not quite like a video game, but it’s a similar feel to one

Something that students pursuing careers in the auto industry can appreciate about game-based learning is that it encourages active learning through practical exercises and simulations, as opposed to passively absorbing information written in a textbook. 

Using an interactive and engaging format, students can more easily retain knowledge through being able to experience and navigate the challenges of working in their desired field in a risk-free environment. This way, students can learn from the errors they make during the game until they find the correct solutions for those problems, and work gradually toward the goals that have been set for them.

What Game-Based Learning Offers to Online Automotive School Students

In an online automotive school, game-based learning aims to thoroughly and comprehensively prepare students for a career as an auto service technician. Using the lessons ATC offers for the course through the ARGO e-learning platform, students are introduced to concepts related to how auto mechanics do their job, what goes into the more complex aspects of working in the automotive industry, and the nuances of mechanic work. 

With this online training system, students gain a visual understanding of technologies and mechanisms by using lessons featuring 3D graphics and simulations. This helps give them an idea of how to do the job in real time, and through a fun, interactive format that allows them to dig deeper into the trade and gain invaluable knowledge for their career. The training is also regularly updated, so that all information is relevant and in tune with modern trends.

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