Introducing the Mercedes-Maybach 6 for Students Looking to Become a Certified Mechanic


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There aren’t many brands of cars that evoke the highest level of luxury imaginable. While luxury cars like BMW, Porsche, and Audi have a certain prestige to them, they’ve reached a level of mainstream acceptance, so seeing them in the city is not that big of a deal. On the other hand, there are ultra-luxury cars—Mercedes Maybach, Rolls-Royce, and Bentley—that are not everyday sights. They evoke a sense of wonder. They’re so grandiose and so expensive that they attain a level of exclusivity that other luxury cars simply can’t match.

Enter the Mercedes Maybach 6, a concept car with a futuristic focus. The newly resurrected brand doesn’t plan on putting the model into production right away, but its features have already been presented. If you want to become a certified mechanic, it’s possible that a Mercedes Maybach 6 may someday come into your shop, so take a look at what all the hype is about!

Pros With Auto Mechanic Certification Know There Are Benefits to This Model Being Electric

Due to the amount of traction that Tesla is getting in the luxury market with their electric Model S, the Mercedes Maybach 6 will be all-electric. It is designed to go from zero to 100 kilometres per hour in under 4 seconds on a battery with a 322 kilometre range. Drivers will also be able to charge their cars wirelessly or through an electromagnetic field, which would charge up to 105 kilometres in just five minutes. Having these kinds of capabilities might make the Maybach 6 a more enticing option for buyers than Tesla’s Model S, though that can really only be determined once it launches. For students studying to get their auto mechanic certification, it’s exciting to know what kind of innovative mechanical and engineering processes are going on under the hood!

It Comes With a Host of Additional Features

In addition to its electric capabilities, the Mercedes Maybach 6 comes with a slew of additional features that prove just how extravagant and luxurious a car it is. First off, it comes with the iconic gullwing doors that have come to symbolize the Maybach brand. The interior has digital displays across the entire windshield and onto the sides of the cars. On top of that, it has psychometric ‘body sensors’ in the seats that determine the optimal temperature for the car and whether a massage should be given. No doubt having all of these features in the Mercedes Maybach 6 is one of the reasons for how expensive it will undoubtedly be. Nevertheless, having a solid understanding of the features present can help a student looking to become a certified mechanic gain a deeper understanding of how its internal system works.

If You Become a Certified Mechanic, You Won’t See It in Your Shop for a While

Despite how exciting the Mercedes Maybach 6 is, it is still a long ways away from being produced and sold on the market. It is a concept car, built to demonstrate where the future of the brand is going. Given its stylistic, futuristic tendencies, it is likely that it won’t be on the market until 2018 at the earliest. If you’ve been thinking about becoming certified as an auto mechanic, you’ll likely have finished your training and received your certification before it hits the streets. Regardless, staying on top of trends is a good way to prepare yourself for the various types of cars that you might be working on as a mechanic once you begin your career.

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