Interested in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic Training? How Assisted Driver Technology is Advancing

The future of mobility is here. Advancements in driver-assist technologies have been at the forefront of the automotive industry over the last decade, hand-in-hand with the increase in hybrid and electric vehicles. Once the makings of science fiction, these innovations are getting us closer than ever before to fully autonomous self-driving cars.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has defined 6 levels of autonomous driving, from zero to fully automated. Currently, most cars introduced into the market today are Level 1 or 2, with new advancements and technologies leading to Level 4 cars expected to be on the roads soon. 

Keep reading to learn about how assisted driver technology is advancing, and the next steps we’ll be seeing accomplished in the near future as fully autonomous vehicles become a reality. 

Driver Assistance Is Present in Many Cars Released Today

In your hybrid and electrical mechanic training, you’ll focus on the technologies of modern-day vehicles hitting the market today. A majority of these cars are at least a Level 1 on the scale. These vehicles have assisted driving technology that provides either steering assistance or braking and acceleration. An example is adaptive cruise control, where the car accelerates and brakes on its own to stay a certain distance behind the car in front of it, but the driver still needs to steer. 

You’ll gain a thorough knowledge of advancing technologies as a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic

Learn About Partial Automation After Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training

This level signifies that the assisted driving technology can provide steering as well as braking and accelerating assistance. As a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic, you’ll become familiar with these Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This includes assisted driver technology such as changing lanes, responding to traffic lights and scanning for hazards. Drivers must still remain alert and active in the driver’s seat. Examples of cars on the market with these technologies include Tesla’s Autopilot and Cadillac’s Super Cruise. 

Conditional Driving Automation Is the Highest Level On Public Roads Today

The highest level of driver-assisted technology and autonomous driving available on many roads in the world today, Level 3 uses driver assistance technologies with artificial intelligence decisions based on environmental detection capabilities. This allows a car to drive autonomously under certain circumstances, such as simple highway driving and safely accelerating past a vehicle before switching lanes. Mercedes’ Drive Pilot is the first certified Level 3 autonomous car that is now available and legal in Germany. There are many restrictions to Level 3 autonomous cars around the world, including in Canada.

The Mercedes Drive Pilot is the first certified Level 3 autonomous car on the roads today

High Automation Vehicles Are About To Hit the Market

Level 4 technology exists, but due to legislation and lack of the infrastructure needed, they are still very much in the experimental and pilot phases. Although a steering wheel and pedals will still be present, Level 4 autonomous cars are able to manage most driving situations independently. Very recently, Volvo and Baidu announced their partnership in developing Level 4 electric vehicles for the ‘robotaxi’ market in China. 

Full Automation Is the Reality of a Not-So-Distant Future

The only human interaction that will be needed within a Level 5 fully autonomous car will be choosing your destination. These cars will likely not even have steering wheels or pedals and be capable of performing any task a human driver can do. Level 5 vehicles and their technologies are being tested around the world, and there’s no doubt they will be entering the market sooner than later. 

The automotive industry is known for its innovation, and the advancement of driver-assisted technologies in hybrid and electric vehicles is one of the most sensational evolutions yet. If you’re considering a career in this exciting industry, ATC offers comprehensive and up-to-date courses led by industry experts. 

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