Interested in Dispatch Training? Here’s a Glimpse of the New Tech Sweeping through Transport Careers

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The last twenty years have brought a significant amount of progress in terms of technology, which has revolutionized how we work, communicate, and stay connected, and gives us almost real-time interaction with people all across the globe.

From electric vehicles to autonomous driving, technology has been improving at a dizzying pace. New tech is finding its way into many different fields, helping the professionals who work within them accomplish even more and reach even greater heights—and that includes dispatching. Dispatchers rely on timely reports and consistent driver communication to make sure their fleets are well-managed and operating efficiently, and there are certain technologies which are being introduced that can help streamline their work process even more. If you want to learn a little more about dispatching careers and where they’re headed, read on to find out what exciting technologies may be awaiting you!

Students in Dispatch Training Could one day Work Smarter with the Internet of Things

You may have heard about the Internet of Things (IoT) recently. IoT is a network of devices that are interconnected and can share data, which helps keep communications up to date. This means, for instance, that IoT has the potential to help a dispatcher not only stay in contact with a truck driver throughout their route, but also monitor elements of the truck itself and better track its location and other information. IoT could help graduates of a dispatch course streamline operations to a whole new level.

A Digital Supply Chain Can Help Make Professional Dispatcher’s Jobs Easier

Several decades ago, dispatchers were concerned with tracking drivers and managing schedules. While these are both still priorities today, dispatchers now work in a more analytical function as they use the latest technology to manage fleets, keep drivers and deliveries on time, reroute shipments when needed, and plan for the next step that will help keep everything running smoothly.

This process plays an important role in how a company functions. The adoption of technology has introduced a new concept—the digital supply chain—which incorporates real-time feedback and updates which dispatchers can use to improve the way they work. In addition, the data used in a digital supply chain can also be analyzed to create more optimized solutions.

Professionals with dispatch training know how to manage available equipment, staff, and deliveries. Having a digital supply chain helps take these skills one step farther. For example, if you have a delivery destined for Vancouver, but you’re having trouble finding an available driver, it could be possible to use the data entered to determine who is available for what route, and even suggest additional shipments you can add to save on extra time, distance, and work.

Cloud-Based Systems Help Dispatchers Strategize Their Next Deliveries

The cloud has become a rather vague term, but what it basically means is that you are storing your data digitally on an open platform, rather than somewhere like a localized computer or file system. Cloud-based technology is becoming more important to dispatchers because it centralizes all of the information they need in one place. This helps to ensure that all employees within a company can quickly and easily access information, and see any updates immediately. As a result, communication is improved, paving the way for greater teamwork and understanding.

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