Interested in Automotive Careers? Check Out These 4 Signs You’re a Real Car Enthusiast

Are you in love with your car? If so, it’ll be pretty easy for people to notice. Normally, you can spot a car enthusiast in a number of ways, whether it’s the extreme care they take for their vehicles, the sheer breadth of their automobile knowledge, their insistence on driving manually or changing their own oil, their technical know-how, or anything in between. 

In any case, your status as a car buff will be transparent enough for anyone to see! Whether you spend boatloads of time at an auto parts store, or you attend a car show every year, or simply love gazing at cars showcased at a dealership, there are many ways to spot an auto enthusiast. Here are four signs you are one.

If You’re a Regular at Auto Shows, Chances Are You Love Cars

An auto show is basically a car enthusiast’s idea of heaven. New cars on display everywhere making their debuts, older models making a long-awaited reappearance after ceasing production, and technologically advanced concept cars are just a few of the things you can see at these events. 

Whether it’s a car show or an automotive museum, spending hours looking at cars — or even planning vacations around these events — is a sign that you live, sleep, and breathe autos, and should consider automotive careers.

Attending auto shows is one way to express your love for cars

Your Eyes and Ears Light Up When You Hear Others Talk About Cars

One telltale sign that cars are a major passion of yours is if you can’t help but perk up whenever you overhear someone discussing engine tuning, turbochargers, oil changes, or the newest Lamborghini model. 

An even bigger sign is if you immediately interject in the conversation, especially if the people talking about cars aren’t nearly as well-versed in the technical side of things as you are. Of course, it might be best to save your in-depth knowledge for when you chat to those who have done their auto mechanic training!

You Want to Test Drive Any Car You Can Get Your Hands On

If you’ve been known to test drive cars for fun at dealerships, or you constantly pester your friends to let you take their new autos for a spin, this is another major sign you love cars maybe a little too much! 

Whether you want to drive every fresh new car you can get your hands on, or you want to test a car you’ve been dreaming about owning but can’t currently afford, the thrill of seeing how different cars handle gives you so much adrenaline that you want to do it all the time.

If you love test driving cars, chances are you’re a car buff

Your Car is Your Most Prized Possession, and You Treat it As Such

Perhaps the biggest sign of all is whether or not you treat your car as if it’s your baby. In other words, if you go out of your way to personify the car (e.g. vanity plates, giving it a name, etc.), or if you’ve spent lots of time or money on maintenance and keeping it clean, waxed and in tip-top shape. 

Your automotive obsession is even more pronounced if you’ve owned cars from many different automakers over the years! Either way, cars are your biggest passion, and this is how you show it.

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