Interested in Auto Technician Training? Here’s a Look at the 2022 GMC Hummer EV SUT!

When you hear the term “green vehicle,” the last image that’s likely to spring to mind is the gas-guzzling gargantuan represented by the Hummer. Discontinued in 2010 following what appeared to be an irrecoverable bad rap in an ever more eco-conscious world, GMC has big plans to transform public perceptions of the brand with its enlightened all-electric 2022 design lineup. 

As a sub-brand of GMC, Hummer EV will consist of two models to include an electric SUV and a pickup truck known as the Hummer EV SUT—the latter being the one we’ll focus on a little more. Let’s take a look at what we know so far on this truck sub-brand! 

What Kind of Juice Is in the New Tank?

GMC has kept quite hush on many details about its 2022 EV SUT release, but those taking auto technician training will be interested to learn that the carmaker is promising a whopping 1000 horsepower from the zero-emissions pickup. The 735 kilowatts behind that power is expected to come from up to three motors, with battery packs ranging up to 200 kilowatt-hours. 

If realized, this “double stack” pack will be one of the largest available on the market—and GMC appears to know it, claiming a 3-second 0 to 60 time for the truck and a massive pulling power of up to 11,500 lb-ft of torque. GMC also says its truck-based models will have an 800-volt construct capable of 350-kw DC fast charging, allowing for a potential EPA range of up to 643 km.

Does it Look Anything Like the Beefy Originals?

If you’re taking auto technician courses or happen to be a fan of cars on any level, it’s impossible not to recall the blocky, military-inspired design of the earliest Hummers. Reviewers are doubting the public is ready for a return to that original 90s tank-like styling, with all of its enduring associations.

It’s more likely that Hummer’s comeback models will continue on with the shorter, chunky SUV design seen in the carmaker’s most recent releases back in 2009. GMC appears determined to stand out in the truck EV niche by emphasizing the new Hummer’s body-on-frame construct, allowing it to share some components of crossovers and unibody vehicles—in stark contrast to the skateboard design many other EV makers use, according to the carmaker. 

What’s the Cabin Like?

It’s always difficult to know exactly what to expect ahead of a release, but reviewers are predicting a four-door crew cab at the small end of the full-sized pickup truck niche. Comfort should nonetheless be ample, with the likely inclusion of two rows of seating offering plenty of space and cargo holds. Infotainment and connectivity should also be on point with niche competitors, which should mean drivers can bank on a state-of-the-art touchscreen interface loaded with standard goodies like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto connectivity, GM’s OnStar telematics system, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and more.

Any Additional Features Auto Technician Training Students Might Want to Know About?

A feature worth a mention is the Hummer EV SUT’s offering of “a unique open-air experience.” To achieve this, the four roof panels and front T-bar can be easily removed, having no connection between the windshield header and roof structure when taken down. 

GMC has also hinted at a performance-oriented Adrenaline mode, as well as an off-road Crab mode that would bring four-wheel steering back to the carmaker’s trucks. A Hummer EV SUT teaser video gives us brief peeks of the pickup as it cruises on a beach alongside a crab, with the driver appearing to engage a “crabwalk” mode on the touchscreen.

Watching the Hummer evolve from the very symbol of eco-indifference to the world’s first zero-emissions all-electric super truck is a fascinating thing to behold. Now it’s just a question of observing whether GMC’s comeback models can re-capture the hearts and minds of the public.

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