Most Important Preventive Maintenance Services You’ll Perform After Your Auto Mechanic Certification

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One of the most important things you need to know about as an auto mechanic, is preventive car maintenance. Without routine maintenance services, the condition of a vehicle will suffer. It is the same concept as visiting a doctor for regular checkups. Regular servicing from an auto mechanic can help to preserve the life of a car and prevent minor issues from developing into severe problems down the road. 

At ATC Toronto, you will receive extensive training through our Automotive Technology Training Program on how to perform preventive maintenance on a car and when these services should take place. Read on to discover the most important preventive maintenance services you’ll perform with a certification as an auto mechanic. 

Advising Customers to Perform Their Own Inspections Saves Them Time and Money

A great preventive maintenance service you can do for someone’s car, is to advise them to conduct their own inspection from time to time on a regular basis. This will help clients to avoid spending time and money on any minor issues that could have been resolved as they occurred. 

While training to become an auto mechanic, you will gain the knowledge and expertise to advise customers on what to look for when inspecting their own cars. This includes checking the lights, listening to any strange sounds, checking the air pressure of the tires every month, and checking that their tires have enough tread to preserve the traction and braking function of the car. 

become an auto mechanic
With an auto mechanic certification, you can advise customers on preventive maintenance services they can perform

Checking the Oil and Filter of a Car is Important After Your Auto Mechanic Training

Checking the oil and oil filter is a vital service that should be performed on cars to prolong the life of an engine and keep it clean and healthy. During your auto mechanic training, you’ll learn how to check a car’s oil and filter and what to look for when it’s time for them to be changed. For instance, how clean or murky the oil is will be an indication that it’s time to change the oil filter. 

Clean motor oil and filters are important for various functions of a car’s engine, as the oil  lubricates moving parts. It also cools down the engine, prevents corrosion within the engine, acts as a sealant against debris, and reduces potential wear and tear. 

auto mechanic certification
During your auto mechanic training, you’ll be able to assess and service a car’s oil and filter

Rotating Tires Offer a Smooth Ride 

When you attend the Automotive Technology Training program at ATC Toronto, you’ll gain hands-on experience on how to service tires, wheels, hubs, and bearings. When performing preventive maintenance services, it’s important to make sure that you rotate the front and back tires of a car when you notice unbalanced tread wear between them. By rotating the tires of a car, you’re balancing the tread wear among each one and extending their service life. Not only will this save the customer money in the long run, but it will also minimize the noise and vibrations of the car for a smoother ride. 

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