Considering Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training? How Recent Surges in EV Sales Could Impact Your Career

There has been a huge surge in Electric Vehicle (EV) sales around the world, as the shift from internal combustion engines continues to taking over. EVs have experienced exponential growth in the top auto markets in China, US, and Europe, representing 26% of new sales in the global auto market in 2021. 

At ATC Surrey, we have been following the automotive industry trends for EV and Hybrid vehicles and aim to provide you with the skills and hands-on experience you need to succeed in an industry of the future. Read on to learn how this surge in EV sales could impact your career once you graduate from our Hybrid Technology training.

Many Countries Want to Shift Focus to EVs by 2030

Many countries are shifting their focus to reducing carbon emissions, adopting better technologies, and ending fossil fuel-powered vehicles. This shift begins with the automotive industry, where manufacturers are already competing to produce the optimum hybrid and EV vehicles of the future. 

A bright future awaits anyone who becomes a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic. Countries across Europe have seen a huge demand for EVs, as continuous improvements on battery technology have created new opportunity for the EV market. At ATC Surrey, we provide you with up-to-date training in Hybrid Technology to prepare you for the future of the industry.

As a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic you’ll get to work with advanced technology in EV batteries

Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training Prepares You to Work on EVs

As EVs continue to dominate the market, there’s a growing need for automotive technicians who have the specialized skills to perform maintenance work on these vehicles. While EVs require less maintenance than internal combustion engine vehicles, the technology they rely on requires professionals with hybrid and electrical mechanic training who know their way around the complex features of these vehicles.

Hybrids and EVs are built with more complex systems that use millions of lines of code with dozens of computer interactions to run. In a bid to stay ahead of the game, many auto shops are adopting new technologies and recruiting specialized auto technicians who can keep up with the EV trend. To prepare you for this work, the Hybrid Technology training program at ATC Surrey will cover courses in subsystems, control and communication circuits, high volts circuits, electric motors operations, and more.  

Through your hybrid and electrical mechanic training, you’ll prepare to work on EVs with complex technology

Average Salary on the Rise and Work Opportunities

With the surge in EVs around the world, the average salary for skilled technicians in Hybrid and EV maintenance looks very optimistic. The average salary stands at $58,890 across Canada, with an average salary of $52,621 for an entry-level position. As you gain more experience in the field of EVs, you can expect to make up to $77,729. At ATC Surrey, we provide aspiring mechanics with relevant, practical, and future-forward training for their career. Once you train as an expert on hybrid and electric vehicles, you’ll have many opportunities to join a growing sector, as cutting-edge manufacturers and auto shops gear up for the future. 

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