Grads of Auto Service College Beware: 3 of the Hardest-to-Park Cars of All Time

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It goes without saying that the likes of long buses and stretch limos are among some the hardest vehicles on the road to park. However, even among consumer cars with more standard dimensions, some vehicles have emerged that have earned a reputation for being particularly difficult to neatly park. Many different factors, ranging from limited rear visibility to especially wide wheelbases, have been at fault for these problems. Together, they have helped several vehicles earn a place on the list.

Which vehicles made the cut? Read on to find out!

The 3rd Generation Buick Riviera’s Length and Bizarre Tail Design Complicates Parking

Already an established and popular vehicle since its launch in 1963, the Buick Riviera received a major design makeover when it was released in its third edition in 1971. The designers decided that the car’s dimensions needed updating, and opted for a particularly long tail, coupled with an elongated front in order to deliver a ‘sweepspear’, or continuous line effect, along the car’s profiles. In practice, the sharp angles and length of the back section of the car made judging a back-up into a space next to impossible.

The car’s dimensions, combined with the odd curved effect of the rear windows, can make backing up a truly disorienting experience for any grad of auto service college unlucky enough to encounter it.

Automotive Service Writers Know the Hummer H1 Brought Military-Grade Width to the Parking Lot

After initial deployment with the US military, AM General launched a civilian version of the Hummer H1 in 1992. Its bulky width of 2.2 metres and imposing profile made it a vehicle that was soon associated with wealthy celebrities and off-road enthusiasts alike.

Unfortunately, with its release in the early 1990s predating rear-facing cameras and proximity alerts, the vehicle’s dimensions were particularly problematic. Guiding it into a parking space is especially difficult because of just how much of the vehicle there is to contend with.

Grads of Automotive Courses Will Agree That the Cadillac Brougham Is Super Lengthy

Most drivers build up a good perception of the length of their vehicle quite quickly. However, with especially longer vehicles, it becomes more demanding to get the spacing right. The Brougham is one of those seriously long cars, having the distinction of being one of the longest consumer cars of 1988, a decade know for its ostentatiously long vehicles. At a mighty 5.6 metres long, it surpassed even the likes of the Buick Riviera. This means that an automotive service writer will be hard pressed to even find a space that can accommodate it. Guiding it through a parallel park procedure can be nerve-racking experience. It’s not surprising that the vehicle, in its alternative guise as the Cadillac Fleetwood, is now often utilized as a hearse.

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