Why Grads of Auto Mechanic College Can’t Wait to Work on the 2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG CLS 53

Mercedes-Benz has done it again, recently unveiling the new and impressive 2019 AMG CLS 53. A step up from the earlier CLS model, Mercedes’ high-performance division, AMG, has given this car a lot of impressive specs and features. While its exterior accoutrements like a twin-blade grille, side air intakes, and sleek trim make the AMG CLS 53 a gorgeous vehicle, all of its best qualities lie under the hood.

Automotive service technicians have reason to be excited too, as the AMG CLS 53 serves as a kind of hybrid vehicle, mingling a fantastic and reliable engine with an electric motor. Are you interested in learning more about the AMG CLS 53’s sophisticated performance features? Read on.

The AMG CLS 53’s Engine and Electric Motor Give This Vehicle Some Impressive Specs

For starters, the AMG CLS 53 has an awesome turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder in-line engine which produces roughly 429 horsepower, along with 384 lb.-ft. of torque. The AMG CLS 53 also houses a 48-volt electrical system, which contains a rather incredible starter motor and alternator called the EQ Boost. The EQ Boost is situated in between the AMG CLS 53’s transmission and engine, and can offer even more power to the engine, giving an additional 21 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft. of torque. With all that power, the AMG CLS 53 can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds.

Graduates of a car repair course have plenty of reasons to be awed by the AMG CLS 53’s 48-volt electrical system and EQ Boost component. For example, it gives the AMG CLS 53’s lithium-ion battery greater energy capacity, providing a lot more electricity which could be drawn on momentarily instead of gas, allowing for better fuel efficiency.

Mercedes-Benz Might Have Solved the Problem of Turbo Lag with AMG CLS 53’s EQ Boost

Whether it’s a boost in horsepower, or helping to give the AMG CLS 53 the electrical power it needs to run its plethora of accessories, the EQ Boost is a marvel. What makes the EQ Boost even more exciting for mechanics and car enthusiasts alike is how it can help fix a common issue, called “Turbo Lag,” that often occurs with turbocharged engines. Turbo lag is partly caused by the amount of time it takes for compressed intake air to get pumped into the engine with the help of exhaust pressure. Grads of auto mechanic college may already know that turbo lag can sometimes manifest during acceleration as a slow or delayed throttle response.

What the EQ Boost does is help build up enough charge pressure quickly from the get go by spinning the auxiliary compressor. As the compressor spins, the pressure increases and gives the AMG CLS 53 a pretty big boost in torque for greater acceleration, which drivers can then ride until the exhaust gas turbocharger kicks in and sends them soaring.

Grads of a Car Repair Course Will Love the AMG CLS 53’s AMG Ride Control + Suspension

Automotive service technicians get how important suspension is to a car’s performance, and Mercedes has held nothing back by fitting the AMG CLS 53 with the new AMG Ride Control + air suspension. Right off the bat, the new system maximizes the AMG CLS 53’s agility by adding new steering knuckles to the front axle, and a greater negative camber angle (which is when the bottom of the wheel is sticking out more than the top).

Mercedes also designed its suspension system with a tougher spring rate to reduce the chances of body roll if, or more likely when, this vehicle rounds tight corners or brakes suddenly. The AMG Ride Control + suspension can also adjust to fit different kinds of terrain, such as using damping in the wheels to help lift the AMG CLS 53 over speed bumps and better navigate gravel roads. With so much to offer, the AMG CLS 53 will definitely be something that automotive service technicians look forward to catching a glimpse of come late 2018 when it hits the road. In the meantime, here’s a short clip to enjoy:

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