What Is Game-Based Automotive Technology Training & How Can it Enhance Your Auto Career?

As automotive technology becomes more and more complex, the prospect of learning about how this technology works becomes increasingly challenging. Students enrolled in automotive technology training must build the skills necessary to work with today’s modern vehicles –  equipped as they are with driver assistance technology, advanced security systems, and other complicated features. Given the complexity of current automotive technology, it’s important that future automotive technology technicians have access to resources that will enable them to succeed in servicing modern vehicles throughout their careers. That’s where game-based automotive technology training comes in. This form of e-learning is becoming increasingly recognized as a great tool to improve automotive tech students’ knowledge retention, conceptual understanding, and more. 

If you’re considering a career as an automotive technology technician, a game-based learning program such as that offered by ATC Surrey can help you to succeed. Below, discover more about what game-based automotive technology training is, and how it can help you to build the skills necessary for a successful career.

Game-Based Learning Explained for Those Launching an Auto Career

Game-based learning is a form of education in which students utilize an e-learning platform to build skills in a subject. Developed with the same technology used to create video games, the e-learning platforms used in game theory enable learners to visualize and engage with material via simulations and 3D animations. In game-based learning, students complete different interactive tasks to help them comprehend what they’re learning and put their knowledge to the test. This hands-on approach to training has many benefits for students training for an auto career in automotive technology, given that students are able to practice what they’ve learned in a real-world simulated environment.

Game-based learning allows automotive technology professionals to learn in a simulated environment

The Benefits of Game-Based Learning for Automotive Technology Students

It’s no secret that automotive technology can be a tricky subject to learn. However, with game-based learning, automotive technology students have the opportunity to engage with the material, rather than learning it passively. In contrast to textbook-based learning, game-based learning allows automotive technology students to explore the ins and outs of vehicle technology utilizing a simulation. Game-based platforms allow students to become familiar with the intricacies of automotive technology through multiple highly-specific lessons, and test their knowledge with corresponding interactive tasks. For those training in automotive industry, this in-depth insight is essential when it comes to working with the complex technology of modern vehicles.

Game-based learning helps automotive technology students to transition into a career with ease

Build Industry-Aligned Skills with a Game-Based Training Program

At ATC Surrey, students have the opportunity to combine the theory and knowledge they obtain in the classroom with game-based learning. Using the renowned ARGO e-learning platform, students complete interactive tasks which reinforce their understanding of automotive mechanics. Not only does game-based learning at ATC Surrey translate to an enhanced comprehension of automotive technology, it enables students to transition into a career in the automotive tech industry with ease. Equipped with the hands-on experience provided by game-based training, students will be able to succeed in their career, applying their knowledge to servicing today’s technologically complex vehicles. 

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