Is a Frame Rack the Best Way for an Auto Body Technician to Fix Structural Repairs?

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Any aspiring auto body technician should know what a frame rack is. In fact, having a reliable frame rack is a worthwhile investment for any auto body repair shop. But is it the best possible solution for doing auto body repairs? Are there alternatives out there that are even more effective? With benches seemingly being used just as much, if not more, than frame racks, the answer to each question may be “no” and “yes” respectively. However, frame racks aren’t without advantages.

Whether a collision or any other sort of structural damage has wreaked havoc on the body of a vehicle, a frame rack can be used to fix it, depending on the type of vehicle being repaired. Here’s what you should know about how frame racks can help fix structural repairs.

What Is a Frame Rack, and Why Is It Important for a Vehicle?

A frame rack is a platform on which a vehicle sits when needing to have repairs done on it. Frame racks are composed of various parts, such as towers, curved ramps, anchoring stands, roller bearings, and wheel chocks to keep the vehicle in place without any movement. High-quality frame racks are also built to remain straight and not let pulling forces make them bend under pressure.

Those doing their auto body training would be intrigued to learn that some newer vehicles, such as those made from aluminum, will need more specific care. Frame racks with more holding points will be necessary for this type of repair, so that they are positioned strategically and stay in place while being fixed. Regardless of the auto body repairs needed, it’s important to have a frame rack in your shop that can be compatible with different types of vehicles. It’s also good to have a frame rack that is extremely durable, and wastes little time starting up so that you can complete your repairs efficiently and quickly.

Is It the Best Solution for Fixing Structural Repairs After Auto Body Training?

Whether or not a frame rack is the ideal tool to use for structural repairs while working as an auto body technician depends on several variables. For one, frame racks are considered to be better equipped for repairs on vehicles with a larger build, and ones with the body on the frame. This includes pickup trucks, which are most commonly repaired on frame racks. For another, a frame rack tends to be more compatible with certain types of vehicles than others. 

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Heavier vehicles such as pickup trucks are better for frame racks than for bench systems

However, a bench may be a more sensible option if you are repairing auto bodies for cars that are slimmer and more lightweight than trucks, even though bench systems can be more than twice as expensive to acquire as a frame rack. This is because frame racks are meant to more easily facilitate the push/pull cycles that are common with truck repairs, whereas a car with one body does not require pulling so much as it requires parts to be replaced outright. 

That said, you can get creative with the structure of frame racks by adding a structural holding system. These make a frame rack’s holding capacity bigger, and are able to keep vehicles held in as many as 12 places. Although it may be tempting to invest in a more expensive bench system to fix smaller cars, there are ways you can expand frame racks to fit your auto body repair needs!

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