Exploring Careers After Dispatch School? Here’s What it’s Like to Work as a Logistics & Brokerage Clerk

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The transportation industry in Canada is booming, as the 10th fastest growing industry in Canada over the past five years. It is a great time to explore a career as a Logistics and Brokerage Clerk within the transportation industry. You will enter into a successful and fulfilling career, full of advancement opportunities and high earning potential. 

At the Automotive Training Centre in Toronto, you will learn under experienced instructors in the field through our dispatcher training program, using industry-standard software that will develop the experience, skills and confidence you need to excel as a logistics and brokerage clerk.

Read on to learn what it’s like working as a logistics and brokerage clerk.

Customer Service is Your Forte After Completing Dispatch Training in Toronto

As a logistics and brokerage clerk, you will bring your communication skills to the fore, as you provide amazing customer service to clients, staff, managers and all stakeholders involved. You will be responsible for assisting logistics and brokerage managers with continuous correspondence in both written and oral communication with the different brokers and carriers. You will also handle all email and phone inquiries, as well as all documents required for payment processing. At the Automotive Training Centre, you will gain hands-on experience after you complete your dispatch training in Toronto, which will prepare you for handling all customer service responsibilities related to the position.

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A career as a logistics and brokerage clerk after dispatch school allows you to interact with different stakeholders

Multi-tasking is One of Your Strong Suits

As a logistics and brokerage clerk, you will gain a lot of experience throughout your career, after dispatch school, as you navigate through all the duties and responsibilities that the position entails. You will be in charge of managing the daily operations of the business. This requires that you bring your strong multi-tasking skills with you, as you handle and coordinate the process of customs clearance documentations, interact with customs authorities, respond to all customs compliance issues, work on assigned key account customers and complete weekly audits on all customer-related entries to ensure that business operations are running smoothly.

Your Organizational and Administrative Capabilities Are Impeccable

To have a career as a logistics and brokerage clerk, you will have to demonstrate your organizational and administrative capabilities that will allow you to perform all the important requirements of the position. You’ll have to pay attention to detail and stay up to date with relevant regulations and procedures. So, being organized allows you to stay on top of any changes that occur which need reviewing or updating. You’ll ensure that duty and VAT are processed correctly and that all queries and refunds are resolved. At the same time, you’ll help sales and account management with cost-saving solutions and options. You’ll also have an opportunity to play a major role in identifying any improvement opportunities and risk management solutions.

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You’ll showcase your organizational and administrative skills as a logistics and brokerage clerk

Enjoy a High Earning Potential 

Pursuing a career as a logistics and brokerage clerk will provide you with a great salary opportunity. The average salary for an entry-level brokerage clerk with one to two years of experience can make a starting salary of up to $46,130 in Ontario. You will also have the potential to earn a higher salary as you gain more experience in the field, and you can end up making up to an average salary of $75,954 yearly. The fascinating thing also about this career is that the salary potential is also estimated to rise by 16% over 5 years, making it an attractive career choice to pursue. 

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