Exploring Careers in the Auto Industry? 3 Benefits of Becoming an Auto Parts Specialist

careers in the auto industry

The auto industry offers many career opportunities. Some of these opportunities range from working as an Auto Body Technician or an Auto Service Technician to becoming a Detailer or a Refinishing Prep Technician. Exploring which field within the automotive industry is best suited to you takes time and reflection on your skill set.

One path to consider is a career as an Auto Parts Specialist. ATC Surrey offers an Auto Parts and Warehousing program, which will prepare you to become an expert Auto Parts Specialist. You’ll be the go-to person when it comes to recommending parts for clients’ cars and maintaining an inventory to ensure all automotive work runs smoothly and efficiently. So, if that piques your interest, then keep reading for a look at five benefits of becoming an Auto Parts Specialist. 

1. Less Physical Work With Various Responsibilities

Working as an Auto Parts Specialist will require you to perform less physically demanding labour work and focus more on the administrative and sales side of an automotive business. This is a great auto career path if you love cars but don’t want to get your hands dirty on a daily basis. 

The job covers different tasks that allow you to get hands-on experience in different aspects of the automotive industry, improving your knowledge and expertise in the field. Your ability to handle the maintenance and sale of inventory parts puts you in constant communication with others at the auto shop. You will work consistently with mechanics, managers, vendors, and customers, as you purchase parts, maintain inventory records, and secure the delivery of parts to their destination. 

auto mechanic training
As an Auto Parts Specialist, you’ll be responsible for ordering parts for customers

2. Auto Mechanic Training Boosts Your Confidence and Salary Potential

After you graduate from our auto mechanic training program and begin your career as an Auto Parts Specialist, you will receive further on-the-job training that will boost your confidence in managing the different duties of your role. On-the-job training may range from days to several months, depending on your responsibilities and how the car centre or store operates.

Upon graduating, an Auto Parts Specialist can earn an average salary of around  $42,900 per year in Canada, or $22 per hour to start. As you gain more experience, you can make up to $57,500 per year in more senior positions. 

auto career
Through auto mechanic training, you’ll gain hands-on experience for your career

3. Exciting Career Paths

With the qualifications and hands-on experience you gain from studying at ATC Surrey, you will have a better chance of advancing within the auto industry. Once you start working and are able to handle the many duties of an Auto Parts Specialist, your employer may invest in you by training you for more senior positions in the workplace, depending on your goals and skill set. 

You will have the opportunity to progress to managerial or supervisory roles, in which you’ll earn a higher salary. Some of the positions you can achieve after training as an Auto Parts Specialist range from Parts Manager, Parts Advisor and Inside Sales Rep to Operations Manager and Automotive Service Manager.

Explore careers in the auto industry and see what suits you best!

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