Considering Enrolling in Auto Mechanic Courses? Here Are Three Possible Entry-Level Jobs You Could Get

Auto Mechanic Courses

If you’re completing your auto mechanic training, or are thinking about starting, it’s helpful to know what kinds of jobs could be available to you upon entering the field. With experience and training, you’ll eventually be able to transition to a more specialized career. For now, it’s important to explore all of the options the auto mechanic industry has to offer, as well as explore your interests. Developing a set of skills that align with your passions will help you to land your dream job in the future, and your entry-level auto mechanic job can help you build them.

There are many entry-level jobs to choose from after graduation. Here, we’ll go over three possible options for you upon entry into the field.

Entry-Level Technician Jobs for Those in Auto Mechanic Courses

Technicians in entry-level roles possess a solid understanding of mechanics, but they might lack the experience to handle every automotive issue. That’s why an entry-level technician job could be a great way to get familiar with the industry, and figure out which aspects of it interest you most. You could work with brakes, fluids, computer systems, electrical components, and more, while working your way toward performing more advanced tasks, repairs, and diagnostics.

Entry-level technicians conduct routine inspections of cars, and are trained to handle and analyze electrical and computer systems to run diagnostic tests and determine the root of the problem. They are also responsible for repairing and maintaining these systems, and understanding how they interact with the vehicle. Gaining experience in this role will allow you to perform more extensive engine repairs and higher-level diagnostics. If you’ve finished your auto mechanic courses and are interested in knowing how to work with specialized equipment and tools in order to fix computer and electrical systems in cars, this could be the right job for you.

Oil and Fluid Change Technician Jobs

As one of the most common entry-level auto mechanic careers, oil and fluid change technicians work with fluids that keep vehicles running—providing necessary and valuable services for car owners everywhere. While tasks can vary based on the services vehicles require, oil and fluid technicians perform jobs like changing the oil as well as transmission, wiper, and brake fluid; conducting safety inspections; changing and rotating tires, as well as checking their pressure; replacing filters; and test driving vehicles to ensure they’re working properly. Oil and fluid change technicians know a lot about the daily maintenance of a vehicle, and can spot problems upon inspection. For those learning how to become a mechanic, this is a great entry-level job to pursue after graduation.

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Oil and fluid change technicians make sure a vehicle has proper oil and fluid levels

Consider Working as a Brake Specialist Apprentice

Brake technicians have a vital job in the auto mechanic industry, as they work to maintain brakes—an essential function for any car. These technicians inspect and repair brake systems, and apprentices will work with brake technicians to understand how to use diagnostic skills to determine the sources of problems, as well as find solutions. Brake technicians may work on hydraulic brake systems, parking brakes, or power brakes, to name a few. They must also possess good customer service skills, as they have to listen closely to a customer’s description of their brake issues, so they can determine solutions. Brake technicians will also perform routine maintenance tasks, such as changing rotors and discs, and replacing brake pads. A brake technician apprenticeship is a great entry-level position if you’re interested in brake systems, as you’ll be gaining the experience you need for a higher-level position.

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Brake technicians make sure that a car’s brakes are functioning properly

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