Enrolled in Mechanic Training? Here’s a Peek at Some New Automotive Technology to Explore

One thing that never stops changing is the technological advancements in the automotive industry. The technology being utilized in most modern-day vehicles to ensure safety, overall performance, and efficiency continue to dazzle the mind. 

Keeping pace with the technological advancements in cars can sometimes be difficult for professionals within the automotive industry. However, at ATC Cambridge, we ensure that our aspiring auto mechanics remain up to date with the latest technology that is available in the industry through our automotive technology training program. Read on to get a peek at some of the new automotive technology out there!

Want Assistance? You’ve Got it With Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)

As an aspiring mechanic, you’ll experience new Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) throughout your career, as they become available in different car models. At ATC Cambridge, you’ll gain hands-on experience through our mechanic training program that will prepare you for working on new technology. ADAS is designed to use both human and machine interfaces to ensure the driver’s ability to react to any dangers on the road. ADAS provides adaptive cruise control to maintain the speed of a vehicle, allowing for the vehicle to remain at a safe distance from other cars ahead. It also provides lane departure warning to help drivers to stay in their lane, blind-spot alert to indicate when there are cars in their blind spot, and reverse brake assistance to identify any objects behind the car.

With mechanic training, you’ll be prepared to work on new technological systems

Become an Auto Mechanic and Work with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

When you become an auto mechanic after completing your training from ATC Cambridge, you will be prepared to work on a nifty piece of technology used for braking: Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). Through our program, we provide training in operating and servicing Hydraulic Brake Systems. The new AEB technology works in accordance with the hydraulic brakes to minimize accidents. When the vehicle senses that there is a collision ahead, the AEB reacts quicker than the driver and activates the brakes to slow down. The AEB technology can also sense when the driver of the vehicle is attempting to slow down and will add more pressure on the brakes to assist the driver in braking. 

Discover Teen Driver Technology

You will probably see Teen Driver technology a lot in the coming years, as more car manufacturers adopt this unique feature. Teen Driver acts as a virtual backseat driver, with no parental supervision required. This feature provides parents and teens with updates regarding their driving performance and areas for improvement. Parents can set speed limits and audio volume levels, along with speed alert notifications to remind teens to slow down. Teen Driver also notifies parents if the car went over a certain speed, if the audio was disabled because seatbelts weren’t worn, and provides a report card if any of the safety systems were triggered while driving. 

When you become an auto mechanic, you’ll experience this new Teen Driver technology throughout your career

With training from ATC Cambridge, you will be ready for this new technology. You will get to know the electrical fundamentals and perform electrical system diagnostics on various types of car models. Our program will prepare you to apply what you’ve learned about auto technology to a successful career in the future of the automotive industry. 

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