Enrolled in a Mechanic Program? How Big Data Is Changing the Automotive Industry

Technology is transforming the automotive industry day by day, with new developments paving the way for safer, more intelligent vehicles and an improved driving experience. If you’re seeking a career in the automotive industry, one of the most significant technological changes you’ll notice is the influx of big data analytics. “Big data” is a concept that refers to the analysis of large data sets, in which different associations and patterns are discovered to reveal particular insights. Within the automotive industry, big data analytics helps manufacturers to understand more about the behaviour of drivers and vehicles on the road, allowing them to improve the experience and safety of vehicle owners. If you’re entering the automotive industry, read on to learn more about big data analytics and its many uses.

What Is Big Data? The Concept Explained for Those in Auto Mechanic College

Data can be collected in many different forms. Within the auto industry, data is gathered from technology installed within vehicles, such as navigation systems, cameras, sensors, and more. Within today’s advanced vehicles, drivers also have access to data from inside the vehicle, such as the radio, maps, the infotainment center, and traffic information. When drivers use their vehicles, the resulting data is extracted from these various sources, where it can be analyzed by different organizations within the automotive industry to gather information. This information might be used by insurance companies, service providers, manufacturers, and other parties to anticipate the movement of vehicles and the behaviour of drivers. If you’re learning how to become a mechanic, you’re sure to see the impacts of big data analysis in the way that vehicles are manufactured, and the way that they’re driven. 

Big data analysis is important when it comes to collecting information about the way that vehicles are driven

How Big Data Has Changed the Automotive Industry

Thanks to advancements in technology that allow for the gathering of data from different cameras and sensors, auto manufacturers, service providers, and insurance companies are able to conduct big data analysis to obtain key information. Data such as fuel consumption, mileage, system data, and components have enabled manufacturers to incorporate service scheduling and predictive maintenance into modern vehicles, helping drivers to know when to take their vehicle into the shop. Additionally, personalized data about a driver’s skills, such as acceleration, braking, and more can be used by insurance companies to develop insurance rates. With access to such a high volume of data, the safety and longevity of vehicles has improved, as has the driver’s experience. 

Big data is used by manufacturers and insurance companies to gather insights about driver behaviour

The Future of Big Data within the Automotive Industry

After completing your mechanic program, you’re likely to see the usage of big data analytics only increase in the future. As autonomous vehicles and driver-assistance features become a greater focus for manufacturers, big data analytics will become vital in gathering necessary information on driver behaviour. This information can be used in autonomous vehicles to create a driving experience which mimics that of a real person, providing data for how the vehicle should accelerate, brake, and corner. With advancements in technology, self-driving vehicles can collect this information themselves, analyzing it and using it to improve how they drive. This predictive analysis will enable manufacturers to create more intelligent vehicles, paving the way for safe autonomous driving in the future.

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