Enrolled in a Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Course? Check Out BC’s Incentives for EV Owners

It’s a great time if you want to become a mechanic that specializes in hybrid and electric vehicles, especially if you live in British Columbia. BC has created several incentives meant to support hybrid and EV owners. The incentives bring a certain amount of optimism with them, as some customers may be encouraged to finally make the switch to hybrid and electric vehicles. 

At ATC Surrey, you’ll receive hands-on training on how to perform maintenance on and service different types of hybrids and EVs. This will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and expertise you’ll need to launch a rewarding career.

So what do these new hybrid and electric incentives mean for your future career? Discover what they are!

94 New EV Charging Stations Could Be Available After Your Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training

BC announced last year that it’ll be adding 94 new public EV charging stations across the province by the end of 2021. This will be adding to the EV infrastructure network that’s already in place, which consists of BC Hydro, ChargePoint, Flo, Greenlots, Petro-Canada, and Tesla charging stations. This newest addition of charging stations is reportedly going to be fast charging. This announcement comes at a time where 80 percent of EVs in BC are charged at home, but at a slower pace than the proposed new public charging stations, which would be able to charge an EV within an hour or so. After your hybrid and electric mechanic training, you could see more hybrids and EVs on the road and in your auto shop due this announcement!

BC is adding 94 new public EV charging stations across the province

Condos and Buildings Are Being Encouraged to Become EV Charging Station Friendly

After you complete your hybrid and electrical mechanic course, you’ll look forward to launching a successful career in your field. Fortunately, you’re not the only one looking forward to a future full of hybrids and EVs. BC has made plans to include buildings and condominiums in the hybrid and EV movement, as it is starting to encourage the placement of EV charging stations at all new and upcoming developments and old buildings. To help alleviate the costs older buildings will be incurring when adding EV charging stations, the province has offered rebates as an installation incentive. This means that about half of the costs involved will be swallowed up by the province. Renters and condo owners might be encouraged to purchase EVs, which could result in more demand for mechanics to service these vehicles. 

After your hybrid and electrical mechanic training, you might start noticing more EV charging stations in condos and commercial buildings

What Does the Future Hold for EVs?

With the announcement of these incentives, the future looks positive for hybrids and EVs, as well as the mechanics who will be qualified to work on them. As of last year, there were more than 54,400 EVs on the road in BC, which has led to an estimated reduction of emissions to the tune of 216,000 tonnes per year. This demonstrates that there’s already an increased demand for EVs by consumers. With that being said, some are predicting that there might even be around 350,000 EVs on the road in BC by 2030. One thing is clear: the future is looking pretty electric!

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