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The designers of the new LT series, a Class 8 over-the-road truck series, kept the career truck driver in mind while creating this new line. Throwing showiness and unnecessary features to the wind, the focus of these trucks is to create an easy and comfortable driving experience.

Navistar, parent company of International Trucks, unveiled this new line in Las Vegas during the American Trucking Association (ATA) conference. The line features a variety of models including a low roof sleeper, two different high rise sleepers, and a “sky-rise” sleeper, which—as its name suggests—offers extra height and room for the driver to sleep. In addition, the entire LT Series boasts a 7 per cent increase in fuel efficiency, improved aerodynamics, and increased visibility.

Interested in the transportation industry? Keep reading to check out why the new LT series trucks are so buzz worthy among drivers and dispatchers alike.

An Introduction to the LT Series for Students in a Dispatch Course

Professionals with dispatcher training know the difference a comfortable driving experience can make for drivers. This is why the designers of these trucks made sure the features remained centered around the driver experience, and that’s what truly sets it apart from trucks that have come before it. In fact, the ideas for these features came directly from drivers themselves.

Navistar executives stated in a press release that the LT Series is based off of extensive research with truck drivers. Jeff Sass, Navistar’s senior Vice President of sales and marketing, elaborated on that statement, saying that “To ensure the new LT Series is the most driver-centric Class 8 vehicle we’ve ever built, we gave drivers a voice in its design”.

Noteworthy Features for Students in Dispatcher Training

While the exterior of the cab got major upgrades to improve air flow and aerodynamics, most of the improvements from a driver’s standpoint are located inside the cab. Returning to the classics, designers relocated the horn lanyard back to its original position hanging from the ceiling of the cab on the left side of the driver. Refined door panels improve the driver’s comfort with more hip and elbow room, and gripped handles provide a safer experience when entering and exiting the vehicle.

A new shifter was attached to the steering wheel so that drivers can easily shift and operate the engine brake without their hands leaving the wheel. A new HVAC system also helps maintain a comfortable temperature within the cab, and side vents are expertly positioned to keep cold air from blowing directly onto the driver’s hands.

When it comes to the LT Series, it’s clearly the little things that go a long way. Check out the new series during its unveiling in the video below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6Rz2q6K5hc]

Students in Dispatcher Training Understand the Importance of Improved Safety Features

As students in a dispatch course know, safety is extremely important. When a trucker gets in an accident, it can put an entire delivery behind schedule, or—even worse—it could harm the driver or other passengers on the road. With that in mind, the LT Series was designed to improve visibility by reducing blind spots. This was accomplished by redesigning larger windows, which provide greater forward and lateral visibility for the truck driver.

The center console control area, otherwise known as the LT Series Premium Gauge Cluster, lets a driver use passive and active safety systems like lane departure warnings to stay safe while on the road. Other features it has that contribute to the safety of the driver are easy tire pressure monitoring and axle load review. The centre console is also conveniently angled towards the driver so they aren’t distracted from the road trying to read the screen or grab their coffee. For dispatchers concerned about driver safety, this new line could hold a lot of promise.

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