Employment Day at our Mechanic School in Montreal: A Recap for Those Who Missed it!

Employment Day

On October 17th, students and graduates of Automotive Training Centres in Montreal were invited to a very special event. We hosted our first ever Employment Day, a day which brought in a top local employer: Pneus Chartrand. It was an event designed to connect students and graduates with a job in their field. Whether a current student or a recent graduate, this opportunity was created to help launch students into their career, and pave the way towards lasting success.

In addition to helping our students connect with job opportunities in the area, we also wanted to reach an even wider audience with our event. To help show prospective students just how valuable an ATC education can be, we broadcast the event through Facebook Live, answering questions and connecting with interested viewers.

If you missed it, though, don’t worry. Videos from the event are up on our Facebook page. Here’s a quick recap of our Employment Day, and what it meant to those involved.

Pneus Chartrand at Our Mechanic School in Montreal

Our Employment Day, which lasted from 1pm to 6pm, brought in several representatives from Pneus Chartrand. For students attending our mechanic school in Montreal, meeting with Pneus Chartrand presented a wonderful opportunity. Pneus Chartrand is a local employer with nine different locations. It’s a company that has been in operation—and which has been steadily expanding—since 1975.

Danny DesBois and Mathieu R.-Charland at our Employment Day
Danny DesBois and Mathieu R.-Charland at our Employment Day

Not only did they get to connect with a local employer and expand their professional network, but students and graduates also got to access valuable employment opportunities as well. Danny DesBois was one of the representatives there looking to fill several positions at different locations, and was very impressed with the students he met. In fact, he recruited seven candidates, which he says have plenty of potential. These candidates will have the opportunity to work at one of several different locations, including Montreal, Laval, and the South Shore.

Looking Towards a Bright Future and Career

For students who attended our Employment Day, the event was also a resounding success. Niko, who has been a student at ATC for five months, shared some of his thoughts about the event and his overall experience at Automotive Training Centres.
Before coming to ATC, Niko had done plenty of research into local auto mechanic schools: “I went to seven other schools apart from this one to check them out. And then I came back to this one.” That choice is one he’s been very pleased with. “It’s fantastic.” He says of his experience at ATC, “It’s the only course I didn’t want to leave after a week.”

When it comes to our Employment Day, Niko was also very pleased with his experience. After completing an inspection run, he met with Charles from Pneus Chartrand. “He hired me on the spot.” Niko says, adding, “I start tomorrow, actually.”

You can catch his full interview here:

For those who missed this opportunity, there’s still good news on the horizon. Danny DesBois was so impressed with the success of the event that he said it would certainly be one he would like to repeat, potentially even this spring.

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