Considering Dispatcher Courses? Check Out 5 of the Most Reliable Trucks in the World

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With an average lifespan of somewhere between 800,000 to 3 million kilometers, a big rig truck needs to be built to last. While a good fleet manager knows the importance of investing in quality, the outlay on new trucks for larger operations can be staggering, with many models priced as highly as luxury cars like Ferraris.

Since students in dispatch training often go on to work in fleet operations management, and are sometimes tasked with leasing or purchasing replacement trucks, being familiar with the best models on the market can be vital to helping you make the right decision for your operation. Crucial factors like engine build, fuel efficiency, and overall maintenance costs all need to be taken into account, and driver comfort and safety are also important.

Not sure where to start? Read on to find out about some of the most reliable trucks on the road.

1. Is Kenworth’s W900L Really ‘The World’s Best’? What Dispatch Students Need to Know

When a company’s slogan is ‘The World’s Best,’ you know they aren’t short on confidence. Luckily Kenworth have the reputation to back it up. Ubiquitous models like the W900L have been among the most popular trucks for owner-operators for decades, and it’s not hard to see why.

Built with the help of a panel of professional truckers, Kenworh rigs are designed specifically with long haul trucking in mind, and are very low maintenance with few breakdowns.

2. Peterbilt 379: A Dispatcher Training Guide to the ‘Harley Davidson of Trucks’

Manufactured by Paccar, who are also the parent company of Kenworth, Peterbilts have been nicknamed ‘the Harley Davidson of Trucks’ due to their status as perhaps the most desirable brand on the market.

Popular models such as the 379 and its predecessor the 359 are well known for their long life and durable builds. The resale value of Peterbilt trucks are also often much higher than for other brands, making them a solid investment for grads of dispatcher training looking for a cost effective purchase.

3. Professionals with Dispatcher Training Save on Fuel with the Freightliner Cascadia

A cheaper option than Paccar, Freightliner trucks are designed with cost savings in mind. The company has also been focusing on improving fuel efficiency with the advanced lightweight, aerodynamic build of models such as the Cascadia.

Freightliners also feature ergonomically designed cabs, and the manufacturer also focuses on noise reduction in order to keep drivers comfortable and relaxed—reducing fatigue to lessen the risk of accidents.

4. Western Star 6900: Durable Design Built for Canadian Dispatch Service

More popular in Canada than other regions, Western Star trucks were originally designed for the West Coast logging industry. Their tough, rigid design makes them perfect for carrying heavy loads over rough terrain such as snow and mud, and graduates from dispatcher courses will find that large models such as the 6900 are also widely used in Canadian oil fields.

5. Grads of Dispatcher Training can Consider the Mercedes Actros for Reliable Engine Performance

Part of the Daimler trucks division—which also manufactures Freightliner and Western Star—Mercedes-Benz trucks like the Actros are as stylish as the cars that bear their brand’s name. The Actros is also among the most reliable on the road, with its six cylinder V8 engine famous for its performance. Mercedes trucks also typically have a very long lifespan, with many still on the road with well over one million kilometers on the clock.

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