How Dispatch School Can Help You Overcome these 4 Common Barriers to Career Change

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Deciding to leave a career you don’t love for a fulfilling one in the trucking and transportation industries is exciting, but also a bit intimidating. You probably have a hundred questions running through your head. How will you find a career in an industry you’ve never worked in before? Will you be able to afford taking time off to train for your new career? And how are you supposed to find a job when you may not have a network in your desired industry to support you?

You’re not the first person to ask these questions and you certainly won’t be the last. But the good news is that plenty of people have switched careers before and there’s no reason you can’t overcome the same obstacles they did. In fact, dispatch school can help you break down many of the barriers that may stand in your way as you pursue a new career. Here’s how:

Dispatch School Doesn’t Take As Much Time As You Might Think

Switching careers can be scary precisely because you may think you’ll have to take lots of time off work in order to go back to school. But dispatch school doesn’t take long at all. The entire program takes a lot less time to complete than a traditional university program, and many students are able to work while studying. That means you can relax knowing that training for a new career won’t require going back to school for years at a time.

You Can Gain Valuable Experience With Dispatch Training

When you switch careers, it can feel like your lack of experience is a major obstacle. After all, you could find yourself competing for a position with other candidates who already have experience in the field. Luckily, dispatch school helps you close this experience gap. The Dispatch Training Program at ATC Surrey doesn’t just include classroom lessons—you’ll also get plenty of hands-on practice as well. That experience will make employers much more confident that you are ready to take on a career change.

Dispatch training can give you the experience that employers value
Dispatch training can give you the experience that employers value

You Get a Professional Network Through Your Dispatch Course

Having the right skills is important to help you land a new career, but so is knowing the right people. When you’re switching careers, it can feel like you don’t have any professional network to support you. But in fact you do! During your dispatcher training you will meet plenty of people who are already in the industry—such as your instructors—or people who want to get into it, like your fellow students. Making connections with the people you meet in school can pay off afterwards when you’re looking for a job.

Your dispatch course is the perfect place to build connections in your desired industry
Your dispatch course is the perfect place to build connections in your desired industry

Dispatch School Gives You the Confidence to Pursue a New Career

You may not like your current job, but pursuing a new one that might actually be fulfilling can be scary. Why? Because when you’re thinking of switching careers—and possibly even industries—it’s normal to feel like you’re out of your element. That lack of confidence can hold you back, but dispatch school can help. In your courses you will learn the skills that dispatchers need and you will see exactly what a career in the industry looks like. That will help you feel far more confident in your career shift.

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