A Day in the Life of a Service Advisor: Why You Might Be Right for a Service Advisor Career

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Whenever someone’s car has a warranty issue, mechanical problem, or just an all-out breakdown, they usually take it to the dealership or an independent garage to have it serviced. Among the team members they will meet is the automotive service advisor, who acts as the middleman between the customer, the dealership or independent repair shop, and the mechanic who will be fixing their car.

The service advisor’s main role is to make sure the customer is happy with their service, and is also there to answer any questions or concerns they may have. This doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t have other responsibilities. From writing service orders, scheduling, and sales promotions, a service advisor stays busy throughout the day to make sure that their customers are taken care of and that the shop is running smoothly. If you’re interested in a career as a service advisor and want to learn more, read on to find out what you can expect from a typical day at work.

Assessing Customer Needs in Your Service Advisor Career

In order to make sure a vehicle is properly assessed and fixed, a dealership or repair shop must have someone on staff to guide their customers through the process and ensure they feel that their thoughts and perspectives are being heard and addressed.

Customer service—while not the only responsibility—is an important part of a service advisor career. If the customer feels unappreciated or even offended by their service, it reflects poorly on everyone in the establishment and can damage their reputation in the community. This is why a service advisor should be readily available to answer questions, explain the finer points, and make sure the customer is kept informed and updated on the progress the dealership makes. If a customer is confused by something on their bill, the service advisor can help explain what work was performed and why it was needed in a respectful manner with language that is easily understood.

Graduates have the professional training needed to excel at customer service
Graduates have the professional training needed to excel at customer service

Service Advisors Are Fluent in the Language of Automotive Technicians

Apart from customer service, one of the most essential jobs a service advisor is expected to do is write out service orders. This helps to share a customer’s concerns with the mechanics who will be fixing their car. This requires them to understand what must be done to the vehicle to fix it, which means that service advisors have to take thorough notes using specific repair terminology that the mechanic will then use to address the problem as they begin work on the car.

You will learn all the correct terminology in service advisor training, which is important to ensure that there is no miscommunication between yourself and the customer, as well as between yourself and the mechanic you’ll be assigning the service to.

Service Advisors Also Promote Sales and Schedule Customer Appointments

Typically, customers don’t just walk into a dealership and expect their car to be admitted, assessed, and fixed all in one day. This is why service advisors often work on an appointment basis, meaning they set appointments with customers to come in at a later date when the dealership or repair shop can fit them in. A service advisor has to prioritize organization to ensure they stay on top of their appointments and don’t overbook customers or burden the mechanics with too much work.

While a customer’s car is being fixed, a service advisor is also expected to suggest new products, services, or maintenance that a customer may need to improve the overall performance of their vehicle. There are many things a customer may not know about their car, and this gives a service advisor the chance to not only discuss possible enhancements, but also inform the customer about what they can do to take care of their vehicle and make sure it’s operating properly.

Service advisors help customers take better care of their car
Service advisors help customers take better care of their car

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