Those With Careers in the Auto Industry Will Want to Be Aware of These New Trends in Automotive Technology

careers in the auto industry

Each new year bears witness to new and exciting technological innovations—and In the ever-competitive landscape of the automotive industry, manufacturers are wasting no time implementing these technological advancements into their vehicle designs. In 2020,  a multitude of trends gained traction in the field. Many more are sure to arrive in 2021, making it in the best interest of those wishing to work in the field to keep up with the changes. With that in mind, here are some of the latest trends to be aware of!

An Acceleration Seen in High Performing Electric Cars 

While electric cars have traditionally been associated with lower performance commuter cars,  the future of this niche is looking a lot more exciting. Those with careers in the auto industry may already know that due to the low centre of gravity and instant torque capabilities of electric vehicles, these cars have great potential to be tooled for higher performance. In full knowledge of these facts, automakers such as Tesla, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi are already changing the game with high-performance electric models. In the future, we’re likely to see even more innovative design and capability from models in the niche.

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With the availability of electric cars on the rise, their performance is also increasing

A Glance at Assisted Driving Technology for Pros With Careers in the Auto Industry

Assisted-driving technology, pioneered by manufacturers such as Tesla, is advancing at a rapid rate. While self-driving cars have yet to be released to market for purchase, there are many technology systems that allow drivers to take their hands off the wheel for short intervals. These systems, such as Tesla Autopilot and Cadillac Super Cruise, use cameras and sensors to keep the vehicle centered in the traffic lane. Of additional interest to those wishing to become a mechanic, these systems are beginning to implement radar cruise control to set the vehicle speed based on the car it follows in traffic, making highway cruising much easier. 

become a mechanic
Assisted driving technology is a trend to watch in vehicles of the future

Wireless Smartphone Charging Capabilities

As many of today’s smartphones come equipped with wireless charging capability in place of plug-in requirements, many auto manufacturers are moving to include charging pads into vehicles. These charging pads can work with a number of devices, ensuring drivers will never be without essential navigation technology—or access to the personal musical playlists stored on their smartphones.

Blind-Spot Monitoring, Exit Warning Technology, and Parking Cameras

All designed with crash-prevention in mind, these intelligent sensor technologies are increasingly seen in newer car releases, and are sure to continue into 2021. Blind-spot monitoring systems are especially effective for larger cars switching lanes. Exit warning technologies can alert the driver of a parked vehicle whether opening the door may pose a collision risk with an approaching car, bicycle, or pedestrian—a common issue drivers experience when exiting parallel parking spots in busier areas. As to the newer technology of parking cameras, drivers of the future are bound to find this innovation useful for assisting in the ever-tricky task of maneuvering into cramped parking spots.

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