A Look at Careers in the Auto Industry: 4 Attributes of Successful Body Shop Managers

Managers With Careers in the Auto Industry Have an Eye for Detail

If you’re a natural leader with a passion for cars, pursuing a career in body shop management could be your ideal path. Managers of body shops have the chance to work in the automotive industry in a role where they can help grow a business to new heights. Managing a body shop means that you’ll never be bored, because every day brings its own unique challenges. Does that sound ideal to you?

Read on to discover four attributes of successful body shop managers, and find out if this is the ideal fit for your career goals.

1. Managers With Careers in the Auto Industry Have an Eye for Detail

You’re at an advantage if you’re considering managing a body shop after completing collision estimator training. That’s because the concepts you will learn throughout the program about material damage, damage analysis, estimating principles, body shop operations, and more will give you the foundation to become an excellent manager.

In addition to that in-depth knowledge, another attribute you should have and that you’ll develop during your training is an attention to detail. In the body shop, there will often be many repairs going on at once. As a manager, your ability to notice small details in your employees’ work will help you make sure it is being performed correctly, safely, and on time.

2. Managers With Careers in the Auto Industry Are Supportive

Part of being a great manager is being able to bring out the very best in your staff. Some days in a body shop are bound to get a little hectic, and it’s up to you as a shop leader to support your staff in whichever way you can. A great attribute of successful body shop managers is having patience with their staff’s daily challenges. By understanding the strict time constraints they are working under and any of the other challenges they are facing, you can support them and help them get the job done. Happy staff members who feel supported by their boss will work harder and have a higher morale.

Shop managers are supportive of their staff
Shop managers are supportive of their staff

3. Auto Body Shop Managers Are Able to Work Well Under Pressure

Professionals with careers in the auto industry will have days where they’re extremely busy. Customers will keep pouring in, and things will go wrong at the seemingly worst moments. Maybe one of your collision estimators called in sick, or an important car part is on back order and as a result is halting several of your repairs. Regardless of the situation, a good manager should be able to handle the problem while keeping their cool. The success of auto body shops hinge on their manager’s ability to stay calm under pressure while finding rational solutions to mitigate any issues.

4. Managers with Careers in the Auto Industry Are Able to Oversee Many Different Duties

Managers of body shops need to be able to confidently play many different roles, because a manager’s duties will vary day by day. Some days you may find yourself speaking with customers about the status of their repairs, while other days you may find you’re on the phone with your parts supplier trying to negotiate a deal. In addition, body shop managers can also spend some of their time working at their desk completing paperwork, reviewing job applications, or doing general administrative tasks. Having the flexibility to wear the many hats required of shop managers will help you succeed in your career.

Do the above attributes sound like you? Consider enrolling in an auto body estimator program!

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