Looking for a New Career? Here Are Three Jobs That Automotive Technology Training Can Prepare You For

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If you love cars and don’t want a typical 9 to 5 office job, then a career in the automotive sector probably sounds like an amazing opportunity. In fact, practical hands-on training from an automotive school can qualify you for a number of jobs in the automotive industry.

With this year soon coming to an end, now is a great time to think about what you want and how you plan to get there. If you’ve always wanted to work with cars, why not put going to automotive school at the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions?

Check out these three jobs, which are among the many different options that training from an automotive school can help you land.

1. Get Started in Your Automotive Career as a Lube Technician

Lube technicians are the people at the repair shop who take care of light vehicle maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations. A lube technician is a bit of a jack of all trades and should have basic knowledge about various parts and systems of cars and trucks. This can be a challenging job with lots of standing and heavy-lifting—but then again it doesn’t sound too bad if sitting in an office all day fills you with dread. This can be a fun option for graduates of an automotive technology program.

2. Put Your Automotive Technology Training to Use as an Alignment Specialist

An alignment specialist’s job is a pretty important one: make sure cars can drive straight and that tires don’t wear down uneavenly. Essentially you are responsible for ensuring that all of the wheels line up with one another, but to do that requires knowledge of more than just the wheels. You’ll need to understand how axles, steering mechanisms, torsion bars, and suspension systems all work in order to do your job well. Alignment specialists can be found in garages and mechanic shops or they may work in more specialized tire stores.

Because you’ll be expected to have a pretty good understanding of a lot of different parts of the vehicle, you’ll find that the hands-on experience you get from automotive technology training to be especially valuable.

3. Tire Technician

A tire technician is responsible for just about anything related to tires. In this job, you will install, balance, rotate, and repair tires. You may also find yourself patching tires and making sure they are inflated properly. If you work in a tire store, you may also get to sell products and keep track of inventory.


automotive technology training
Tire technicians may also be responsible for inventory and sales

Some tire technicians can perform work that is more specialized, such as retreading used tires or studding tires for winter use. While many tire technicians work in repair shops and tire stores, you could find yourself working directly for a rubber or tire manufacturer or as a roadside service provider.

Why spend another day in a job you don’t love? If you dream of pursuing a career in the automotive industry, find out how you can make it happen sooner rather than later.

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