How to Know if a Career as an Auto Refinishing Prep Technician Is Right for You

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Collisions don’t always cause mechanical damage to a vehicle, but it’s still frustrating when you take a step back and see a nasty scratch left on the bodywork. Vehicles are beautiful machines, and it’s a great thrill to restore them to their original good looks. Auto refinishing prep technicians get to experience that joy by preparing vehicle surfaces and applying new paint work.

These professionals have a unique set of skills which make them a valued part of any repair shop, and many others choose to establish their own business. You may not know a lot about the work that these technicians do, so here are some of the skills and character traits that are very well suited to this enjoyable career. If you have them, this could be an excellent option for you to consider.

Do You Relish Working in a Team Environment?

Auto refinishing technicians are often the final step in a lengthier repair process. Once body repair professionals have completed their work, the paint must be restored so the vehicle looks sharp and clean when leaving the workshop. Working as part of a team is an enjoyable experience, because you can offer mutual support to each other throughout the working day. You will also be able to pick up new skills from other professionals, which adds to your own auto expertise. Reflecting on achievements is an important part of any career, and graduates of automotive school can do this by sharing the enjoyment of a job well done with other colleagues.

Use Your Eye for Detail to Complete Beautiful Paint Jobs

Mismatched or misplaced paint is obvious to the naked eye, and auto refinishers avoid this by carrying out a thorough job at all times. Preparation is needed on the bodywork before paint is applied. This is done by sanding the damaged section and removing any nearby trim. The right paint then needs to be sourced or mixed so that it matches the rest of the bodywork. A spray gun is normally used to apply the paint, and this is a job which can’t be rushed. An even application leaves behind a pleasant uniform colour over the damaged area, and technicians also make sure to check for any runs in the paint after the job is completed.

Comfort With Technology Is Helpful as an Auto Refinishing Prep Technician

Sandpaper, spray guns, and paint are obvious tools in the armory of an auto refinisher, but computer skills will also come in handy. Assessing the tint of paint needed for a particular job can be a bit challenging. After completing refinishing prep training, it is possible that graduates will come into contact with a piece of equipment called a spectrophotometer. These tools analyze the existing paint on the bodywork so that technicians know exactly what tint to look for. This equipment is becoming more technologically advanced, so if you don’t mind working with technology, you’ve landed on a good career path.

Cleanliness & Organization Impress Auto Refinishing Clients

A clean working environment is essential for auto refinishing prep technicians. Paint should only be applied to bodywork which has been suitably sanded and cleaned. Otherwise, the fresh paint could end up sealing in dirt.

Auto professionals also regularly use different paint types, so spray guns should be routinely cleaned to prevent different shades from mixing together. For these reasons, a good level of organization should be maintained in the workplace, so that professionals can easily find the tool or paint type required for each project.

Clean spray guns to prevent paint from mixing together
Clean spray guns to prevent paint from mixing together

Are you well suited to a career as an auto refinishing prep technician?

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