Considering a Career in Auto Body Repair? Questions to Expect During an Interview

If you’re beginning the process of launching your career as an auto body repair technician, then you’re probably thinking about preparing for interviews. While putting together a strong resume is important, a job interview is a great opportunity to show an employer who you are as an employee, and what you’ll contribute to their repair shop. As a future auto body repair technician, you’ll be conducting a variety of repairs and upgrades on the vehicles that enter your shop. You might be refinishing vehicles, using welding machines to install new parts, performing diagnostic tests, repairing exterior components and more. 

When interviewing for the job of an auto body repair technician, potential employers will want to know that you have the experience, skills and qualities necessary to excel in this role. As such, there’s a few common questions that they’ll probably ask you in order to determine whether you’re a good fit for their repair shop. Below, prepare to succeed by becoming familiar with these common interview questions for auto body repair technicians. 

Expect Questions Related to Your Experience as an Auto Body Repair Technician

When interviewing for a position as an auto body repair technician, it’s likely that your employer will ask you to speak about your experience in the field. Here, you can elaborate on the skills you’ve built during your training and apprenticeship, as well as any other relevant experience. When asking questions related to your experience, an interviewer may also ask you technical questions, such as the methods you would use to weld replacement parts, your process for inspecting damaged vehicles or the steps you would take to refinish a vehicle’s exterior. 

Before an interview, prepare to discuss your experience in the auto body repair field

Prepare to Be Asked About Your Goals for Your Career in Auto Body Repair

The last thing an auto body repair shop manager wants is to hire a technician who doesn’t plan on sticking around. Thus, during an interview, you can expect questions pertaining to your goals within the auto body industry. For example, an interviewer may ask you where you see yourself in five years. When answering this question, it’s important to show your interviewer that you’re committed to the field of auto body repair, and that you’re passionate about building a career within this industry. When your interviewer knows that you’re enthusiastic about auto body repair, they’ll be more likely to consider you for the position.

During an interview, you may be asked to describe your goals as an auto body repair technician

Watch for These Questions About Communication

During your career in auto body repair, you’ll be working with a team of other repair technicians in order to fulfill a service request and restore a vehicle to working condition. You’ll also be frequently interacting with customers, providing estimates on the price and length of repairs, and keeping them informed throughout the process. Given the amount of communication and teamwork you’ll need to do in order to succeed in auto body repair, you may be asked about your communication skills during an interview. Expect questions about how you would handle a difficult client, how you would cooperate with others in a challenging situation and how you would ensure that customers returned to the repair shop.

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