Carbon Crazy: Today’s Auto Body Repair Technician Should Note the Corvette Grand Sport Carbon 2018


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Chevrolet is holding nothing back this year by releasing the new Carbon 65 package for the Grand Sport 3LT and Zo6 3LZ. The Grand Sport Carbon 65 edition sports a lightweight carbon fiber exterior, a pretty chic leather interior, and ceramic brake rotors.

The Grand Sport Carbon 65 borrows the Stingray’s 6.2-liter V8 engine, while taking elements of the Zo6’s flared fenders, thick tires, and wide-track suspension. Essentially, it occupies the slim middle ground between the two. Are you curious to know more about the Grand Sport Carbon 65 edition’s fancy new features? Keep reading to find out!

A Commemorative Edition That Will Turn Heads

Why release a Carbon 65 package? Apart from the fact that it looks pretty amazing, there’s another historical reason behind this exciting release. This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Chevrolet Corvette.

As a car that has carved out a reputation for itself as a relatively affordable exotic car, it has become one of the most popular sports cars ever. The Carbon 65 package acts as a fitting commemoration to that impressive history. However, it’ll also be hard to come by. Of the 650 Carbon 65 limited edition models for sale, only 150 are on their way to Canada.

The Grand Sport Carbon 65 Edition Exterior Has Beautiful Carbon Fiber Pieces

The Grand Sport Carbon 65 Edition still has all the best things about the Grand Sport 3LT under the hood, but what might get auto body technicians excited is the addition of glossy carbon fiber pieces to the car’s new and elegant exterior. Apart from its beautiful new Ceramic Matrix Gray exterior color and aerodynamic design, the Grand Sport Carbon 65 edition has visible and extensive carbon fiber.

An auto body repair technician may fall in love with the Grand Sport Carbon 65 edition’s carbon fiber hood section and roof for coupe models, as well as the tonneau inserts for convertible models. There is also a new visible carbon-fiber spoiler for both coupe and convertible models, with special quarter intake ducts just for the coupes.
The Grand Sport Carbon 65 edition also has unique center caps with Carbon logos, blue brake calipers, Carbon flash badges, and even a carbon fiber rimmed steering wheel. It’s a fetching vehicle, but the carbon fiber pieces do a bit more than just look pretty.

Grads of Auto Body Repair Courses Know There Are Many Benefits to Carbon Fiber Parts

One of the great properties of carbon fiber is its lightness. For students of auto body repair courses that are unfamiliar with carbon fiber composites, it’s important to know that they are among many of the mass-reducing materials out there. As power-to-weight ratios are important predictors of vehicle performance, lowering weight can improve acceleration, and take loads off of braking and suspension systems.

Carbon fiber is also an anisotropic material, which means that its properties can be tailored to provide increased stiffness and strength along load paths, among other things. Using carbon fiber, designers can create long and flowing contours, as well as achieve shapes that aren’t possible when using other materials. Together, all these qualities make carbon fiber a top material, which might be why the Carbon 65 package comes with a steep price, which is $17,595 added on top of the $76,345 base price.

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