Car Buyers Speak Up: 3 Lessons Auto Sales College Students Can Learn from New Study

car sales trainingA recent study conducted by Autotrader spoke with 4,002 car shoppers about their car purchasing processes and how they envision the perfect car buying experience. Some great tips, tricks, and advice for car salesmen have emerged out of this research, which helps to paint a picture of how the minds of car buyers operate during the car purchasing process. This information has been collected and synthesized for auto sales college students and is helpful for those who are striving to become car salesmen who truly cater to the needs of their clients.

Read on to discover some of the important findings from this study.

1. Students in Auto Sales College Might Know Buyers Enjoy Going for Test Drives

Test drives are a very important aspect of the car buying process. According to Autotrader’s study, 88 per cent of those asked would not purchase a car without a test drive. This is where the feel of the wheel can determine if a potential car buyer seals the deal or not.

Once you begin your career, make sure to explain features of the car while driving. You can also pose questions that illicit the customer’s emotions towards the feel of the car, such as “How do you like the way the car corners?” after driving through a bend. These questions are important, as they don’t put a lot of sales pressure on the client. Students in auto sales college should remember that 67 per cent of respondents expressed that they do not like sales pressure during test drives, so it’s important to make sure you avoid being too pushy.

2. Students in Car Sales Training Know that Educating Potential Customers is Important

What exactly is the purpose of a potential customer’s visit to the dealership? Autotrader research shows that 84 per cent of people want to buy a car in person and that 43 per cent see the dealership as a place to learn. As a student in car sales training, keep in mind that a large part of your job in auto sales is to educate potential customers about various automobile’s features. With so many modern cars coming stocked with many amazing features—GPS, power everything, touch screen capabilities—there’s a lot to mention!

3. The Final Step; What Students in Car Sales Training Need To Know About Negotiation

When a prospective customer warms up to an automobile, it is time to converse about the actual financials of the car. Just over half of the study’s participants explained that they would like to negotiate the car’s price with their salesperson. It may be best here to be open and honest during this process, in order to provide a good foundation of honesty for communication. Another important aspect to consider is a buyer’s time. 72 per cent of buyers want to save time at the dealership, so try to keep the explanations of a car’s features and your negotiations short and to the point.

automotive sales training

Being honest with potential customers can help seal a deal!

Whether it’s test drives, educating customers, or negotiating prices, the car sales process is as exciting as it is complex. In automotive sales training you’ll continue to learn how this process works to ensure your sales success and the happiness of your customers.

Want to discover how automotive sales training can be your ticket to a rewarding career?

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