How Canada’s ‘Car Czar’ is Working Towards a Better Future for Auto Sales College Grads

How Canada's 'Car Czar' is Working Towards a Better Future for Auto Sales College Grads

Great news for students going into auto sales; the auto industry is booming. Investment in new auto plants rose 37% last year to $24.1 billion USD and 2015 was a record breaking year for new auto sales in Canada. As auto industry analyst Dennis DesRosiers explains, low interest rates and a drop in gas prices attracted consumers to buy a record number of new cars—1.9 million in total. But even during a good year, it’s important for industry professionals to look for new ways to promote growth, which is why Ray Tanguay, formerly the president and chairman of Toyota’s Canadian operations, was brought on to help steer Canada’s auto sector in the right direction and, in turn, continue to keep auto sales rising.

Read on to discover what strategy Canada’s new ‘car czar’ Ray Tanguay has proposed to ensure that the Canadian auto sector continues to boom.

Those With Automotive Careers Are Poised To Benefit From New Investment

Ray Tanguay has noted that Ontario (and Canada as a whole) needs to be more aggressive in seeking out new investments from global auto manufacturers. One way that Ray has proposed to do this is through the creation of a new auto investment committee. The province of Ontario, the Canadian Automotive Partnership Council (CAPC), the federal government, and Ray Tanguay have decided to team up on a new CAPC sub-committee whose primary objective is to endorse Ontario’s capabilities and competitiveness within the global auto marketplace. This committee will benefit from Ray Tanguay’s deep industry contacts and 24 years of experience, and work hard to secure new opportunities for graduates in the automotive industry. Once you complete your car sales training and are looking to proceed into a sales position at an auto dealership, you might see the benefits of these fresh new investments.

New ‘Car Czar’ Promotes Strengths Like Canada’s Skilled Workforce

In Ray Tanguay’s ‘Progress Report to the Canadian Automotive Partnership Council’, he outlines that Canada needs to communicate to potential investors the benefits of investing in auto manufacturing in Canada, such as our highly skilled workforce. In fact, 65% of Canada’s workforce in the auto industry has obtained a post-secondary education. In addition, our workforce is loyal. According to current estimates, the average Canadian auto worker stays at their jobs for approximately ten years—which is more than double the average for auto workers in other competing countries.


Our skilled workforce is one reason why automakers open new plants in Canada
Our skilled workforce is one reason why automakers open new plants in Canada

By attracting additional auto investment to Ontario, Ray Tanguay hopes to give automotive careers an even bigger boost.

Pros With Car Sales Training Know that Canadian-Made Cars are Top Quality

On top of that, the quality of Canadian auto manufacturing is leaps and bounds above the competition, with Ontario auto assembly plants receiving 29 J.D. Power and Associates awards. That many awards is an impressive achievement, and a clear sign that Canadian-made cars are worth the investment. After finishing your studies at auto sales college, you’ll be in an ideal position to inform customers on how good Canadian cars can be.

Canada’s new ‘car czar’ Ray Tanguay not only employs important sales tactics that students should be aware of, he’s also working hard to attract continued investment in Ontario’s auto sector which is good news for car industry career hopefuls!

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