Cadillac Combines More Luxury, Automotive Technology and Space in a New Line of Crossovers

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Cadillac, the American automotive giant recently announced an important addition to its vehicle line up—the all-new XT5 crossover.

The automaker revealed that the XT5 will be replacing its current SRX model, and it will also be part of an entire series of crossovers, which will offer consumers plenty of interior space without having to purchase a large SUV, like the company’s Escalade model.

“The all-new XT5 not only enters the most popular segment in the worldwide luxury auto market, it is the first of four new crossovers from Cadillac,” stated Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen in a press release earlier this week. “It’s pivotal to our ongoing growth, which is why we’ve developed XT5 from the inside out to provide customers more space, more technology, more luxury and more efficiency.”

If you’re pursuing an automotive career, you’ve likely taken note of Cadillac’s recent attempts at reaching a wider range of customers. In fact, the automaker, that has long been associated with classic luxury, has begun producing stylish, modern vehicles that appeal to a wider demographic. And with its XTS, the latest addition to its lineup, the company will no doubt expand its reach even further.

SRX vs. the All-New XT5: Comparing Auto Technology and Engine Specs

One of the main differences between Cadillac’s SRX and its XT5 (or Crossover Touring 5) is that the XT5 is lighter in weight. 278lbs. lighter, to be exact, which means the XT5 gets far better fuel economy.

The all-new XT5 will utilize the same 3.6 litre V6 engine as the current SRX, but with added features that will give it a boost in fuel economy. With the V6 engine, the XT5 will deliver 310 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of torque. Although the automaker has not yet released a lot of information on the XT5’s gearbox, we do know that it will come with a standard 8-speed transmission.

Students pursuing automotive careers might be interested to learn that the Cadillac XT5 will compete with popular European models like the BMW X3, Audi Q5, and the Mercedes-Benz GLC. The XT5 will go on sale sometime in 2017, and Cadillac plans to release three other “XT” models which will range in size.

Innovative Automotive Technology Featured In Cadillac’s All-New XT5

In typical Cadillac fashion, the interior of the XT5 features lush leather and wood trimmings. From the early photos that Cadillac released, the crossover will feature a big Cadillac signature wood grain steering wheel with plenty of buttons to control the sound system and interior climate.

The XT5 will boast tons of new automotive technology—most notably, it will feature the auto company’s new Rear Camera Mirror system. When drivers shift into reverse, the rear-view mirror transforms into a wide angle rear-view camera that “enhances the driver’s rear vision by 300 percent,” according to the press release.  The system uses a high-tech, dynamic range camera and internal software to remove the roof and pillars from obstructing the driver’s view. Hopefully the new tech won’t be too complex. This way, automotive professionals will be able to provide a quick repairs to any issue.

See a glimpse of the Cadillac XT5 here:

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