Business-Boosting Benefits of Using Social Media as an Auto Sales Professional

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Social media as a marketing tool is still in its infancy. While we are learning more about its potential uses every day, one thing that’s clear is that it offers plenty of benefits for businesses.

Whether it’s by maintaining loyal customers who are charmed by your Facebook posts, or by pulling in new buyers through promotions they saw on Twitter, the use of social media is becoming a crucial component of automotive marketing. If you’re looking to begin your automotive career in BC, you might want to take the time to get connected on social media and learn a few tips for building your brand online.

Here are a few of the biggest benefits of social media for auto dealerships other auto sales businesses.

The Statistics on Online Marketing

Even though social media is still a very new marketing tool, new data on trends in the industry is helping professionals with car sales training use it more effectively.

Here are some of the latest statistics on social media and online marketing:

  • 92% of business owners and marketers use social media to generate exposure for their products
  • 61% of people who use the Internet will research products online
  • In 2013, 52% of marketers found a customer through Facebook
  • Marketers say that social media increases their website traffic by 80%
  • 72% of marketers in 2014 say social media helped them develop and maintain a loyal fan base

Social Media Helps Auto Sales Professionals Connect with Customers

Auto sales professionals know the importance of connecting with customers. One important tool they use to maintain customer loyalty is their social media presence.

More than half of new Facebook “likes” are from current and previous customers, so keeping your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube accounts updated with relevant and interesting content will keep your customers engaged with your dealership. For example, auto sales professionals might use Facebook to showcase products offered by their dealership, which is not only convenient for those looking to buy cars, but also helps increase the business’ visibility and attract new customers.

Social Media Provides Feedback for Auto Sales Businesses

Knowing what your customers want is an important step to making them happy and forming a prosperous business. For new graduates entering careers in auto repair or sales, establishing a good online word of mouth about your business is important. Think of social media as the modern day public forum – if someone posts about your dealership on Facebook and tells their friends what an amazing experience they had, chances are that their friends will be more likely to come to your business in the future. Keep a lookout for what people are saying about your dealership on social media, and take any negative reviews as a form of constructive criticism for what you can improve.

What are some other ways you would use social media if you worked in car sales?

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