How to Build a Study Schedule and Stick to it When Taking an Online Automotive Course

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If you want to succeed while studying to work in the automotive industry, time management is the name of the game. Although many things can get in the way of one’s study habits (not the least of which are procrastination and various distractions), finding success academically involves self-discipline and focus. This is especially the case if you’re completing your courses online, as you don’t have the structure of a real-world classroom to keep you from distracting yourself with everything you have in the comfort of your own home!

With careful time management, and enough determination to get things done, having a study schedule and sticking to it can help you maximize your academic potential while studying online at an automotive school. Here’s how to build a study schedule you can keep up with while taking online classes.

Set Up a Schedule and Budget Your Time Effectively

Whether you have a calendar on your computer or a physical one, find a calendar of some sort that you can use as your designated study schedule, and one with enough space for you to write your commitments onto for the duration of your semester or school year. Make sure to mark down all important dates (eg. class times, tests, exams, due dates), as well as hours of the day you’ll be budgeting toward sitting down and getting studying done. Having a structured schedule to refer back to whenever necessary can go a long way in helping you maximize your time management skills, and help you prioritize which assignments need to get done soonest.

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Mark down and prioritize all important academic dates in your calendar

Be Sure to Stick to It While Doing Your Automotive Course

As much as getting started on something can feel difficult at first, it’s important to just go right ahead and get it done, and this very much applies to having a study schedule. Procrastinating on your studying will only make it harder for you to maintain your habits during your automotive training. This is why it’s imperative that you push your anxieties to the sidelines and get it done—while also setting realistic study goals for yourself—to avoid creating a vicious cycle of procrastination. Look at your schedule on a daily basis, and use alarms on your phone if necessary to notify you of times when you should be studying. After all, what’s the use in making a study schedule if you aren’t sticking to it?

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Make sure you schedule a few minutes for study breaks as well

Schedule Time for Relaxing—Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin!

While it’s important you devote plenty of time to studying while taking an automotive course online, it’s equally important to have a solid balance, too. Make sure you reserve time to take away from studying, so that you’ll have enough time in the day for a social life and for rest and relaxation. Having a strong, healthy school-life balance will prevent you from getting overwhelmed and stretched too thin by your studies, so it’s also a great idea to schedule time for short breaks (around five to 10 minutes) while you’re studying. Stretch your muscles, go for a quick walk, listen to some music—anything to distract yourself momentarily before getting back to your studies!

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