Want to Build Custom Cars after Auto Mechanic Training? Check out this Million-Dollar Lincoln!

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Once you’re finished your auto mechanic training, you may want to take the leap into a shop that customizes cars rather than fixes them. The phenomenon of custom cars is said to have begun in the 1950s, when the ‘hot rod’ made its debut in American culture, and never left. One of the newest and most impressive ‘hot rods’ to enter competition in Canada is a 1963 Lincoln by 360 Fabrication, costing upwards of $1,000,000. The original 1963 Lincoln was amazing enough, but adding this many improvements makes it outstanding.

Check out what kind of customization $1,000,000 can buy for a 63’ Lincoln Continental owner!

The Original 1963 Lincoln is a Feast for the Eyes of Students in Auto Mechanic Training

Some car enthusiasts would say that the original 1963 Lincoln Continental doesn’t need any upgrades, as it really was a masterpiece prior to any modification. One of the most distinctive features of the Continental is its ‘suicide doors’—which have the hinge placed at the back of the door rather than the front.

The four door sedan can be said to redefine what automotive excess is; 1960 Lincoln Continentals were absolutely huge. Their sheer size and bold lines drew attention anywhere they went. Their engine was also impressive. The 63’ featured a huge 430 cubic inch V8 engine which cranked out 320 horsepower that brought the beast to 197 km per hour. In auto mechanic training you may discover that old V8s are pretty much bullet-proof, meaning they don’t break down due to their simple design and great build. Don’t expect to see many of them in shops when you begin your auto mechanic career!

The Customized Lincoln Gives Students in Auto Mechanic Training ‘Car Art’ to Admire

The owner of 360 Fabrication, Rick Francoeur, explains that the new customized 1963 Lincoln Continental really is “car art at this stage,” because it is “So customized it really becomes art.” The customized Lincoln Continental cost upwards of $1,000,000 and is the most expensive car that 360 Fabrication has ever built.

In auto repair programs you will begin to explore and understand the various prices of car parts and ‘add-ons’ for automobiles and realize that a $1,000,000 price tag for customizations is going to bring with it some crazy improvements. For instance, the 63’ Lincoln by 360 Fabrication features a $100,000 sound system by Focal audio that is the only one of its kind in the world. It boasts 5,300 watts of music power, pushed out by seven amplifiers and is the only car to have two Focal Ultima twin kit systems. This type of heavy audio equipment needs some engine power to get it moving, so the car also features a 1,250 horsepower Shelby Cobra engine that can get the car moving quick in no time. The interior is customized as well, of course, with Bentley leather to boot and is hand stitched. Even the windshield is customized, with 3” being taken off the windshield height to give it a cool ‘low rider’ look.

Customizing the already flamboyant 1963 Lincoln Continental into a $1,000,000 machine is an amazing endeavour by 360 Fabrication.

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