Benefits that Dispatch Course Grads Could See from Mack’s New GuardDog Connect Feature

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The GuardDog Connect feature is a big step up for Mack’s new line of versatile trucks. GuardDog Connect comes standard in both the Mack Granite, Mack Anthem, and any models with Mack’s 2017 engine, changing the way truck maintenance issues are identified, alerted, and serviced. Truck dispatchers already concerned with forming cost-effective shipping routes, and monitoring their drivers for any issues, might get some relief with GuardDog Connect. Drivers will find they get a fuller range of support and assistance when maintenance issues arise, taking the stress off of dispatchers concerned with shipments arriving on time.

Below we explore the potential benefits this new technology can offer current as well as new dispatchers.

More Uptime with Mack’s GuardDog Connect Feature

Mack upgraded the original GuardDog software by fusing it with a telematics network and hardware. Dispatchers concerned with increasing operational efficiency and uptime will find that one of the useful features of this hardware is Mack Over The Air (OTA), which allows companies to update their software regularly without having to disrupt their schedules. Dispatchers will be relieved to know that their drivers are experiencing less downtime, allowing them to get their shipments to their intended destinations on time.

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More uptime means more time on the road, making sure shipments arrive on time

GuardDog Connect Can Help Dispatchers Maximize Productivity and Profitability

Students in a dispatch school may find that maintenance issues can be a dispatcher’s nightmare, as they can lead to greater delays in shipping, and profit loss. GuardDog Connect solves this problem by giving drivers software that can detect accidents early, and offer the support of Mack’s OneCall agents, a 24/7 service support team.

Here’s how it works. GuardDog Connect takes care of this problem by monitoring fault codes that can potentially shut down a truck’s functions, or lead to an unscheduled maintenance stop.

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Speedy repairs and diagnostics will get trucks back on the road faster

Once those fault codes have been detected, GuardDog Connect contacts an OneCall agent who can diagnose the truck’s issue and schedule repairs. OneCall agents can also call the driver’s contact through Mack ASIST to discuss ordering parts, make sure those parts are in stock, and route drivers to a nearby dealer to service the truck. When the truck arrives, technicians are already prepared, ensuring that drivers get back on the road quickly. That means that future dispatchers won’t need to worry about long stoppages and lengthy repairs that can lessen productivity and profitability.

Less Stress for Grads with Dispatch Training

Grads with dispatch training know that time is important to transportation companies. The great thing about telematics technology like GuardDog Connect is how it can take the stress off of dispatchers worried about time. When it comes to diagnosing and repairing trucks, GuardDog Connect can cut diagnostic times by more than 70 per cent and repair times by 20 per cent. Moreover, major updates for power train components, vehicle parameters, and performance optimization can take up to four days, whereas with GuardDog Connect they can be completed in half an hour. Dispatchers can then rest easier knowing that their shipments will be punctual, keeping their clients happy.

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