Automotive Technology Trends for Auto Mechanic College Students to Explore in 2022

If you’re considering a career in the auto industry, you’re probably already familiar with the fact that automotive technology is advancing at a rapid rate. With new technological innovations, not only is the face of the automotive industry changing, but so is the role of mechanics and other skilled professionals in servicing vehicles. With the surge in popularity of electric vehicles, advances in autonomous vehicle tech, improved connectivity and many other important advances, we’re sure to see plenty of exciting technology trends in 2022. If you’re considering a career in the auto industry, read on to discover what technologies will shape the future of the automotive world. 

In a Mechanic Program? Look for Connected Vehicle Technology

Connected vehicle technology has been around for a while, but connectivity is expected to be the gift that keeps on giving in 2022. Connected vehicle technology is what permits vehicles to communicate with additional devices, gathering data on safety, mobility and more. Communication systems enable vehicles to connect with data centers, nearby vehicles, road infrastructure, remote networks, pedestrians, the cloud and more. With connectivity, driver safety increases, breakdowns are prevented, and infotainment and navigation services improve. If you’re enrolled in a mechanic program, you can expect to see more and more connected vehicles in 2022.

Graduates of a mechanic program should note the rise of vehicle connectivity in 2022

Introduction of Highly Intelligent Sensors

With advancements in driving-assistance technology, we’re sure to see more highly intelligent sensors used by a wide variety of manufacturers. When used in vehicles, intelligent sensors are able to detect movement, obstacles and safety hazards around vehicles, enhancing the driving experiencing and vastly improving the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. In 2022, we’ll see an increase in the use of cameras, radar, LiDAR and ultrasonic sensors in vehicles. 

More Manufacturers Will Integrate Active Suspension

If you’ve never encountered active suspension, it’s something you’re sure to see after you complete automotive school. Gone are the days when newly-manufactured vehicles didn’t ensure a smooth, bump-free ride. With active suspension technology, manufacturers can equip vehicles with the intelligence to react and modify their suspension based on real-time road conditions. With this technology, motion sickness is basically rendered extinct!

Active suspension technology ensures a smooth ride for passengers

Autonomous Vehicles Will Be More Common in 2022

In the coming years, self-driving or autonomous vehicles will become part of our daily reality. If you’re pursuing a career in the automotive industry, you’re likely to see a higher number of these vehicles on the roads, as advancements in technology result in improved intelligence systems. These vehicles have the potential to decrease transportation costs, reduce fuel consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce negligence-related accidents. Look out for new autonomous vehicle technologies in 2022.

Electric Vehicle Technology Continues to Advance

There’s no denying that electric and hybrid vehicles are increasing in popularity, with a whole host of manufacturers jumping on the trend. In 2022, the use of solid-state batteries will continue to revolutionize the EV field. Unlike the lithium-ion batteries which power most electric vehicles, solid-state batteries don’t require rare earth metals to be produced, allowing the manufacturing of EVs to expand. Expect to see more electric vehicles on the road in 2022!

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