Why Automotive Technician Students Are Set to Be in High Demand: Upcoming Trade Skills Shortage

If you’ve been considering enrolling in automotive school, upon graduation you’ll be entering an industry where your skills are in demand. In Canada, the skilled trades industries including construction occupations, plumbing and HVAC jobs, the automotive sector, and more, are approaching an upcoming shortage. Within Canada alone, 3 million skilled trades workers were lost at the start of the pandemic. Contributing to the shortage is the fact that one in three skilled tradespeople in Ontario is over the age of 55, meaning that retirement is on the near horizon. In fact, about 700,000 skilled trades workers will be retiring within the next seven years. So what happens when there aren’t enough skilled trades workers to fulfill demand? Canada’s economic progress stands to be severely affected, as skilled tradespeople make a significant contribution to the Canadian economy. 

Given this scenario, the demand for skilled trades workers in Canada is at a premium – making it the perfect time to begin training for a career in the automotive field! Below, discover why attending automotive school will lead to an in-demand and rewarding career opportunity. 

What the Impending Shortage of Skilled Workers Means for those Considering Automotive School

With the skills trade shortage looming, Canada is currently in great need of graduates from vocational training programs such as automotive school. To hear more on the skills trade shortage, check out this news report from Breakfast Television in Toronto, featuring 

Automotive Training Centres (ATC) on an expert panel to discuss the position of educational institutions on the situation:

Within the automotive industry, there is significant demand for trained professionals who possess the skills to work on today’s technologically advanced vehicles. As modern vehicles become more complex, the auto industry becomes increasingly specialized, meaning that skilled workers are more necessary than ever. Considering both the impending shortages and the need for professionals with specialized skills, automotive school students will be entering an extremely in-demand industry upon graduation.

Skilled automotive school graduates are in high demand

More Cars on the Road Means More Jobs for Automotive Technicians

Another reason automotive technicians are currently in-demand is due to an increase observed in both Ontario’s population as a whole and in tourism.  As the Campus Director of the Automotive Training Centre in Toronto, Don Pannunzio, notes, “Automotive sales have recovered after April of this year and have contributed to the demand for automotive repair and maintenance jobs. More people are buying cars, and this results in more job opportunities.” 

Currently, there are more job postings for vehicle and mechanical repairer professionals on Jobbank.ca than there were during pre-pandemic levels. With immigration rates returning to normal and the number of vehicle registrations in Ontario increasing, more cars can be expected on the roads, creating demand for professionals in auto careers qualified to service them.

With an increase in vehicles in Ontario, there’s a greater need for automotive technicians

More Benefits to Becoming an Automotive Technician

If you’re considering becoming an automotive technician, it’s also important to note that there are more benefits to choosing this career path than simply job stability. The necessity of the work that automotive technicians do is also reflected in their average earnings. According to the Labour Market Information Council (LMIC), a professional in a vehicle or related trade earns an average of $67,000 in their first year of employment, with an expected 2.7% average pay increase each year. If you’re looking for an in-demand career with good job stability and attractive income levels, a career as an automotive technician could be right for you.

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