Automotive Service Technician School Update: News From the Tesla Model 3 Unveiling

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Tesla has finally unveiled the Model 3

After months of hype and speculation, the auto world finally got a glimpse of one of the most anticipated cars of the decade last Thursday when Tesla officially unveiled the Model 3. The smaller, more affordable electric vehicle (EV) will introduce the brand to a whole new market of car buyers.

So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. While many of the technical specifications of the car have yet to be revealed, customers have been impressed by what they’ve seen—with the company taking over 115,000 pre-orders within a day, despite the fact that the Model 3 won’t be available until late 2017.

For auto mechanic students, the Model 3 could be one of the most important releases of their lifetime, as it paves the way for a wider adoption of electric cars.

Tesla Model 3: What Students in Auto Service Technician School Know

Despite having a lower starting price of approximately $45,000 CAD, the Model 3 will still aim to provide superior performance, with a supercharger capable battery providing a range of 346km and an acceleration of 0-100km in 6 seconds. The car will also feature the company’s Autopilot autonomous driving system.

While the Model 3 looks very much like a smaller version of the Model S, Tesla has made the most of the space. It seats five adults comfortably, and also has both a front and rear trunk, with the automaker claiming that the Model 3 boasts more cargo space than any other car of its size.

One area where students in automotive service technician school will notice a big difference from previous Tesla models is the dashboard. While the car will feature a 15-inch touchscreen similar to those found on the Model S and Model X, there is no instrument cluster in front of the driver, with its functions condensed into the touchscreen.

Check the Model 3 out for yourself here:

EV Competition: The Model 3’s Rivals

Tesla isn’t the only automaker looking to roll out an affordable EV. The Chevrolet Bolt will debut a full year before the Model 3 at the end of 2016. It will also come with a similar price tag and specs—although its range, acceleration, and safety features are all slightly inferior to Tesla’s car.

Other options already on the market include the BMW i3, which has a far smaller range of 160km, but does offer a gas powered range extender which brings its range up to 300km. The Nissan Leaf also offers a limited range of 172km, but is over $10,000 cheaper than its rivals.

How Tesla Plans To Grow During Your Auto Mechanic Career

If the Model 3 is a success, it could drastically alter the future of your auto mechanic career, as technicians will need to service the increasing amounts of EVs on the road. Tesla is continuing to expand its operation, with plans to increase its number of dealerships worldwide to 441 and its supercharger stations to 7,200 by 2017. The automaker hopes to ship over 500,000 cars annually by 2020.

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