Automotive Service Advisor Career Spotlight: Working at a Car Rental Company

Why Rental Companies Need Grads of Auto Service Training Programs

One of the best things about completing an auto service advisor program is how versatile your qualification will be. Trained service advisors can find work in a variety of different workplaces, including auto repair facilities, specialty shops, and dealerships.

One growing area that you may not have considered before, however, is the car rental industry. With travel becoming more affordable and common than ever, car rental companies are enjoying more and more business, as tourists and globetrotting professionals seek vehicles to make their trips easier and more enjoyable.

Curious about what the advantages of choosing to apply your service advisor skills in the car rental world would be? Read on to find out.

Why Rental Companies Need Grads of Auto Service Training Programs

In order to serve thousands of people every day, car rental companies need to maintain large fleets of vehicles. And since customers will expect a reliable, high-performing service, each and every one of the cars in their fleet needs to be in tip-top shape. This is no mean feat, particularly as rental cars are used more often than the average personal vehicle, and can clock up thousands of kilometres every year.

As a result, rental companies rely on auto service advisors to arrange regular service, oversee the ongoing maintenance of their fleets, and liaise with repair facilities to ensure that they have enough roadworthy vehicles to meet demand.

Being an Auto Service Advisor in a Car Rental Company Can Be Challenging

With so much to take care of, working as an auto service advisor for a car rental company can be a demanding job. In a typical day, you might find yourself ordering and negotiating parts and labour for numerous repair jobs, reviewing and processing new service requests, and even fielding calls from customers to fix problems with their rental vehicles.

While this role can be challenging, the skills taught in auto service training programs will put you in a great position to excel. By developing a working knowledge of how to evaluate and price maintenance and repair jobs, as well as soft skills like customer service and internal communication abilities, you will be able to deliver the quality service that this demanding industry requires.

Car Rental Companies Offer Great Advancement Opportunities for Your Auto Service Advisor Career

Car rental companies can offer competitive salaries for qualified auto service advisors. The sector also offers great opportunities for advancing your automotive service advisor career, with the possibility to move into more senior positions overseeing the overall operations of rental branches.
In addition, because many major car rental companies like Hertz and Avis operate in multiple locations across the globe, you will have the option of applying for internal positions anywhere in the world. Not only that, but recent developments in the industry, such as the rise of car sharing companies like Car2Go and Evo, mean that professionals in the car rental game have more possibilities than ever.

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