Taking Auto Technician Training? Check out These 3 Ambitious Concept Cars at the New York Auto Show

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The New York International Auto Show is one of the longest-running in North America. The event has long been one where progressive new designs have been unveiled, taking full advantage of the considerable media coverage and publicity that comes with this top event.

This year’s auto show, held once again at the Jacob Javits Center, features concept cars from bold newcomers, as well as classic brands looking to add a modern twist to their mix. Here are some of the top concepts that have been catching the attention of auto pros everywhere.

Volkswagen’s Atlas Sport Concept SUV Showcased at the Big Apple Auto Event

Volkswagen is continuing to jostle for a space at the SUV table after years of being committed to passenger cars. With North American buyers continuing to buy bigger vehicles in record numbers, a shiny new concept version of VW’s Atlas makes sense. The Atlas Sport concept adds striking new LED lights, which extend across the car’s grille and badge. It also features plug-in power, with two electric motors that hybridize the vehicle and provide 355 horsepower and 41 km of pure electric range. It marks a continued course correction for the German auto producer, as the company seeks to rebuild sales across North America.

The Atlas Sport SUV concept, which you can see for yourself in this short clip, is a major reveal:

The Classic Mini Electric Will Reinvent Your Idea of a Classic Car

Become an auto mechanic and you’ll soon grow familiar with the stylistic impact of the Mini brand—if you haven’t already. Now, the producer is looking to increase its progressive appeal, with a slick new electric vehicle pitched at its core fan base of urban drivers. The concept car on show at the New York Auto Show came with a twist—with an electric drive train inserted into a beautifully restored Mini Cooper.

Check it out in this short clip:

This eye-catcher very much trades on the brand’s racing heritage, with a range of promo videos accompanying it that celebrates the Mini’s competitive achievements and cool urbanity. The British marque is set to go into full production mode with a more modern-looking electric version in 2019, marking a genuine first for the long-established brand.

Genesis’s Essentia Design Will Thrill Those with Auto Technician Training

Professionals with auto technician training will know it’s been a slow rollout for Hyundai’s Genesis brand in North America since the decision was made in 2016 for the marque to go independent. Many may not have encountered one at all. Nevertheless, the producer has previously shown off the fuel-cell powered GV-80 SUV, and last year’s G90 luxury sedan. This year, it’s opted for a highly futuristic, fully-electric speed torpedo: the Genesis Essentia. The producer reports it can do 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds, and the Gran Turismo-inspired vehicle is 100 per cent electric.

Premium brand Genesis unveiled something special with the Essentia concept:

The Korean producer has stated there are elements utilized in this concept that are ready to go into upcoming models, and the car itself could be delivered as early as 2021. Just like the Mini, it marks the first fully electric car for the producer.

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