Considering Auto Service Technician Training? Check Out This Guide to PDI Preparation

When it comes to preparing vehicles to be presented in a showroom, a pre-delivery inspection (PDI) is important to ensure that the vehicles make their final transition from the showroom into customers’ hands. Automotive service technicians are responsible for inspecting and maintaining the exterior and interior of the vehicles prior to their sale. 

At ATC Surrey, you’ll gain hands-on training that will help you diagnose and repair vehicles in preparation for the showroom spotlight. You’ll be ready to launch a successful career in the automotive industry and prepare vehicles for a PDI like a pro.

Read on to familiarize yourself with what goes into PDI showroom preparation!

Inspect Under the Hood After Auto Service Technician Training

As soon as a wrapped-up vehicle is brought into a dealership, the covering is removed and your auto servicing work can begin. Part of your responsibilities will include inspecting under the vehicle’s hood, which is one of the most important check-ups you can perform on a vehicle. You’ll have to check the battery to ensure that it’s fully charged. You’ll also need to inspect the vehicle’s engine and its hydraulic brake system after your auto service technician training. At the same time, you’ll be checking that the power steering fluid, coolant and engine oil are at the required levels before a vehicle is sent on the road. While working with other technicians, you’ll make sure that the vehicle’s computer system is functioning properly, and perform a complete electrical system test for the battery, alternator and starter. 

When doing a PDI, remember to check under the hood of the car to ensure everything is working properly

Perform a Full Exterior Inspection 

In preparation for a PDI, an auto service technician should inspect the entire exterior of a vehicle to ensure it’s ready for the dealership’s showroom. This includes checking that the tire pressures are at their required levels according to your expertise and the manufacturer’s specifications. At the same time, you’ll verify whether the headlights and signal indicators are all functioning properly, and if not, you’ll have to perform an electrical system diagnostics. You should also check that the doors and hood, including their lock mechanisms, are in good condition.

Evaluate the Interior Systems of a Vehicle

As part of your pre-delivery inspection, you’ll also inspect the interior of the vehicle for customers. To ensure that all systems are working inside the vehicle, you’ll have to check that the infotainment, radio, clock, AC and all electrical accessories are properly wired. At the same time, pay attention to the latches, hinges, glove compartments and locks to make sure they’re lubricated and in good working condition. 

Inspecting the interior of a vehicle is important during your auto service technician career

After your inspection, you may also be responsible for test driving the car to evaluate different safety functions. By doing so, you can ensure that the brake pedals are functioning properly and that they won’t pose any risk when the car is on the road. You’ll also have to ensure that the car’s steering wheel is aligned properly prior to its presentation in the showroom.

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