Everything You Need to Know About Our Auto Mechanic School’s Online Offerings

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s still possible to complete your automotive training from the comfort of your own home. Carefully crafted by our team and instructors, the programs offered (either in part or entirely online) have been designed to maintain the overall student experience. All of this has been undertaken with the goal of getting students ready to graduate with confidence.

Are you thinking about enrolling in one of Automotive Training Centres’ online options? Continue reading to learn more about each of our distance learning courses. 

Our Online Automotive School’s Mechanic Program

Offered in a virtual classroom format on Google Meet, the theoretical portion of the auto mechanic program takes place just like a face-to-face course. The instructor teaches the concepts as if they were in class, and students can ask questions at any time if clarification is needed. Importantly, this program is offered in French, English, and in a bilingual format. 

If you want to take the mechanic program offered by our auto mechanic school, you can rest assured that you will be supported every step of the way during your studies. For example, as a student, you’ll have access to a Chromebook with camera and integrated microphone. This is even included right in the cost of your studies! To put into practice what you have learned during your online courses, you’ll also be able to go to ATC’s workshop to complete practical exercises. In order to respect social distancing rules, students will go to the workshop in blocks of one or two weeks at a time, where they will be supervised by instructors. Essential health measures are also applied within the school to ensure the health and safety of all.

Try Out Our Auto Body Collision Technology and Estimating Course

Students interested in completing their automotive training online might be especially interested in the Auto Body Collision and Estimating Course. This course is offered entirely online, with students completing classes through Google Meet. This online format allows students to interact with teachers in real time, asking questions and getting the support and attention they need to complete their studies. As with the auto mechanics course, the instructor teaches the course as if it were a normal classroom, sharing their screen as needed and assisting students in their work. As a result, students never feel unsupported or on their own.

To take the Auto Body Collision and Estimating Course, students must have a computer running the Windows operating system, with Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11, remote desktop access (usually included with this type of interface), a camera, and a microphone.

Consider Taking the Transportation Safety Supervisor Course Online

Offered in French and English, the Transportation Safety Supervisor Course can be taken either in class (limited places available) or remotely. The teacher gives their lesson in class and is filmed live, with virtual classes taking place through Google Meet. The teacher can also share their screen as needed and assist remote students in their work.

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