Want to Become an Auto Mechanic in Montreal? Check Out Our Recap of the Formula E

become an auto mechanic in Montreal

Sure, it closed down some streets and made Montreal’s infamous traffic even worse, but for fans of auto racing—and electric cars in particular—the recent Formula E electric car street race was worth paying attention to. It was a showcase for some impressive all-electric auto technology and a thrill for people who just like to see cars drive fast.

you didn’t check the race out for yourself, or just want to see our take on the event, here’s our recap of Montreal’s first Formula E race.

Fans Were Treated to Thrilling Racing

Electric cars don’t have that roar you’ll hear with regular race cars, sounding more like overgrown remote control toys than anything else. That doesn’t mean the racing is any less dramatic, though, and Montreal’s Formula E proved it.

A high-speed crash led to the destruction of leading driver Sebastien Buemi’s car during a practice round. Though he found his way close to the front of the pack once the vehicle was repaired, it proved to be underweight, resulting in Buemi’s disqualification. Ultimately, the championship went to Lucas Di Grassi instead.

For some racing fans, this type of dramatic reversal of fortune is a big part of the excitement of the sport. That we have excitement and unpredictability from Formula E is proof that electric vehicles aren’t just more efficient—they can compete with gas-powered cars for thrills, too. For this reason, you may see this sport become much more popular as your automotive career progresses.

After You Become a Mechanic, You Could Work With Tech Inspired by Formula E

Auto racing is a bit like an arms race, with teams working hard to come up with innovative ways to get greater speed and acceleration out of their machines to gain an advantage over the competition. Unsurprisingly, this R&D has a way of trickling down to regular production cars, meaning some of the toys that were being played with at this year’s Formula E could someday end up in your hands.

A big one that played an important role in this year’s Formula E is silicon-carbide power inverters. These are able to convert direct current into alternating current without overheating. They’re quite expensive now, but as years pass and more development work is done, it’s possible that they’ll help make future electric cars more efficient and effective. You might even see this part start to make waves in production cars a few years after your training in automotive industry skills.

Montreal Is Turning Into An Automotive Hotbed—A Perfect Place to Become a Mechanic

Montreal’s long-running Formula One race has always been a big deal, but Formula E has made the city into something even greater: a true home for high-speed racing. Crowds of thousands came from all over to take in Formula E, and with 2018 set to bring two more days of electrifying action back to the city, it seems Montreal’s new mantle will continue to be upheld.

Combine this with the city’s huge auto show and a push to invest in new mobility technology, including recharging infrastructure, and it’s safe to say that few cities can equal Montreal as the place to go to become a mechanic. Learn the ins and outs of important automotive technology by day, and take in glitzy and exciting auto events when they come to town—the full Montreal auto experience.

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