Taking Auto Mechanic Courses? Here’s Why Clients Should Avoid Letting Their Car Sit For Too Long

Getting a second car, working from home, or taking a long trip are just some of the many changes that may cause a car owner to use a vehicle less frequently. It can be tempting to think that a vehicle will be in the same condition as the last time it was driven, but a sitting car can experience a fair share of damage.  If you’re considering a career as an auto mechanic, it’s important to warn your customers of the dangers of letting their car sit unused for too long. 

Read on to discover some common problems that can occur when a vehicle isn’t driven for a long period of time.

Those in Auto Mechanic Careers Should Warn Clients About their Vehicle’s Battery Life

One of the biggest problems that stems from leaving a vehicle sitting for too long is the effect on the battery. A vehicle’s battery obtains charge via the alternator, but it can only charge while the vehicle is in motion. When a car hasn’t been driven for a long period of time, the battery can slowly drain and even die. If a battery stays dead for too long, it might not even respond to a jumpstart, meaning the need for a full replacement. If you want to become an auto mechanic, you’ll want to warn drivers about the effect that leaving their vehicle sitting for too long could have on their battery life, as you’ll be saving them from unnecessary expenditure.

Leaving a vehicle sitting for too long can drain the battery

Tires Can Be Affected When a Car Sits for Too Long

When a vehicle is used regularly, the tires are able to maintain their shape due to consistent rotation. However, when a vehicle isn’t driven for a long period of time, the tires can develop flat spots due to the weight of the vehicle, and may also lose air pressure. Depending on the length of time, tires can also begin to deteriorate, putting drivers at a greater risk of experiencing a blowout. If a customer hasn’t driven their vehicle for a while, ensure that they take the necessary precautions and bring their car in for a tire inspection.

The Vehicle Can Suffer Exterior Damage

If a vehicle is sitting in one place for too long, it’s bound to suffer some exposure to the elements. Bird droppings, leaves, sap, rain, and other weather conditions can all pose a threat to a vehicle’s coat of paint, leading to discolouration, dulling, and even cracking. Additionally, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage a vehicle’s clear coat of paint by causing it to oxidize, affecting the overall appearance of the exterior. If a vehicle is exposed to moisture, it can also develop rust, which can be tricky to get rid of. For professionals in auto mechanic careers, it’s important to note that exterior damage can be prevented by using a tarp or a car cover, but a garage is always the safest place to store a parked vehicle.

Vehicles can rust when left in one place for too long

A Sitting Vehicle Might Become a Home for Pests

Unfortunately, rodents like squirrels, rats, and mice can’t resist the temptation of an empty vehicle. If a vehicle is left sitting for too long, it can become a home to critters, who may be able to get inside the engine area, or even crawl up the exhaust pipe. Rodents can do plenty of damage to a vehicle, from gnawing on wires to making nests within the engine bay. Before taking their car out for a spin after a long hiatus, make sure to tell your customers to check for signs of pest activity. 

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