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Auto Hackfest has just wound down and we would like to give you a rundown of the event, in the off chance that you’d like to attend next year. This year’s first Auto Hackfest was an event that took place as a part of the larger Apps World event. As the Apps World event enters its fourth year, the conference is becoming the event to attend for mobile developers in Europe and is one of the leading global multi-platform events in the mobile industry. Since this year’s event was taking place in London, England, one of the event speakers included Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, and also in attendance were leaders from Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Shazam, and the BBC, among others.

According to its organizers, Hackfest brings together developers, automotive manufacturers, designers, agencies and technologists over the duration of two days to get creative and build future automotive app concepts. And those who participated had the opportunity to create apps that integrated futuristic automotive concepts. Participants of the event also worked on creating apps that focused on ways to innovate the driving experience, one of the key objectives of the automotive portion of this year’s Apps World Hackfest. The event also highlighted the importance of computer knowledge by combining the creativity of hacking with the desire to innovate the driving experience.

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Since the advent of the smartphone, the development of automotive app concepts is becoming increasingly essential with greater technological reliance, particularly while driving.  Just to highlight some of the apps that were designed specifically for automotive use, some notable apps that currently exist include: Carticipate, a rideshare application; iGasUP, a method of finding the lowest gas price in the vicinity; and Trapster, which scans the area and warns for any speed traps or stop-light cameras. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the automotive apps available, however, it does highlight some of the technological advances that have recently occurred in the automotive industry. As an automotive technician or an aspiring student who would like to study the trades in BC, it is important to be aware of technological advances in the industry.

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Although many may not think that computer knowledge would apply during trades training for automotive students, prospective students should be aware that the automotive industry is increasingly looking for ways to innovate and improve from a technological perspective. Therefore Apps World is the perfect occasion to highlight improvements needed in vehicles, as well as focusing on the use of cutting edge expertise to create products where a technological gap exists. Maybe you will be there next year!

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