Want to Become an Auto Body Technician? 3 Reasons Why 2019 is the Right Time to Enroll!

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It’s hard to believe, but 2019 is almost here! That means if you haven’t made your New Year’s resolutions yet then you better get started fast. If working in the automotive sector, perhaps as an auto body technician, has always struck you as a dream career, you could make enrolling in auto body technician training your number one resolution.

In fact, 2019 presents the best time in a very long time to switch careers and enroll in auto school. Here are three reasons why.

1. Record Low Unemployment Makes Now the Perfect Opportunity to Become an Auto Body Technician

The national unemployment rate is at a record low, having recently dipped to just 5.6 percent on the back of substantial gains in full-time jobs. With the employment rate so high, that means workers have the ability to be choosy about where they work. In fact, a recent survey found that 37% of workers are currently looking for a new job while another 36% are open to switching careers if recruited. Clearly, the Canadian economy is strong, which takes a lot of the stress out of quitting one job in search of another. If you’re going to switch careers, you at least have the reassurance of knowing that many employers are currently looking for workers. Of course, that record-low unemployment rate isn’t going to last forever, so it’s best to take advantage of it now while you still can.

2. Demand for Auto Body Technicians Is Expected to Grow Across British Columbia

Not only is 2019 looking to be a good time to switch jobs, but it also looks to be an especially good time to become an auto body technician. According to WorkBC, the employment rate for motor vehicle body repairers is expected to grow by a healthy 1.3% from 2018 to 2023, with every region in the province projecting employment gains for auto body technicians. The Mainland/Southwest region is projecting an annual employment growth rate of 0.8%, with neighbouring regions posting even better rates. The Thompson-Okanagan region, for example, will see annual employment for auto body technicians grow by 1.3%, while the Vancouver Island/Coast region will see the highest annual growth in the province at 2.3%.

Job growth for auto body technicians is expected to be positive in every region of British Columbia
Job growth for auto body technicians is expected to be positive in every region of British Columbia

3. Vehicle Ownership Is at an All-Time High and Those Vehicles Will Need Auto Body Techs

Vehicle ownership numbers provide a good indication of why auto body technicians are expected to be in such high demand well into the future. While vehicle sales did slow in 2018, that’s only after five consecutive years of record-breaking sales. As a result, there are now over 34,300,000 vehicles in Canada, which is close to one vehicle for every Canadian. Even if the economic boom that we’re currently experiencing goes bust, that’s still a whole lot of vehicles on the road that will need auto body technicians to take care of them. So, if you’re looking for a stable and in-demand career, then enrolling in auto body schools is a great place to get started.

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