Why Every Auto Body Repair Technician Should Watch for Hidden Damage After a Car Is Rear-Ended

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The rear-end collision is one of the most common types of car accident out there. The experience of such a collision can be scary, but it’s important to have the wherewithal afterwards to get a proper safety inspection. Many people act on exterior damage—something visible and hard to ignore. However, a car can also sustain internal damage after any accident. It’s important to look beyond the exterior and dig deeper for any additional signs of trouble.

An auto body repair expert will know exactly where to look to see if anything beyond the bumper needs to be addressed. Here’s a quick overview of things to watch out for when a car has been rear-ended.

Inspecting the Frame for Damage 

A bad rear-end impact can easily damage a car’s frame. Checking the bumper can help you assess how deep the damage truly is. If the bumper is severely dented or cracked, then the car’s frame might be affected too. No matter how minor the accident, it’s important to ensure that the frame is perfectly intact. 

Not doing so can lead to some serious repercussions, like sensor misalignment or reduced frame strength—both of which may put passenger safety at risk. For example, sensor misalignment may have been incurred to various systems of the car, possibly altering the accuracy of cameras, other sensors, and even airbag deployment. A reduced frame strength can also mean the car’s body might not be able to properly protect passengers in the case of any future serious accident. With this in mind, auto body pros know how important it is to thoroughly check the frame for sustained damage after any rear-end collision. 

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Checking the frame of a car following a collision is incredibly important to fix hidden damage and ensure driver safety

An Auto Body Repair Technician Should Check the Trunk for Damage

Trunk damage is actually much more complicated than it might appear to be, with many car owners overlooking the possibility of deeper damage, focussing on the bumper instead. Any auto body repair technician knows that serious trunk damage can be invisible, but potential side-effects certainly aren’t. Badly impacted trunks may cause water leakage, in addition to becoming finicky. Examples can include doors not staying locked, popping open unexpectedly, or not opening at all. 

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Auto body repair work is extremely valuable, as it helps resolve numerous safety risks

Rear-End Collisions Can Lead to Suspension Problems and Misaligned Wheels 

Another problem auto body professionals will typically look for is suspension misalignment. This occurs when the wheels themselves aren’t properly aligned, causing numerous stability issues. Misaligned wheels often lead to difficulty steering, vibrations in the car, as well as uneven strain on tires—which can also result in fuel loss as the tires drag in use. This can be dangerous when driving, so it’s important to consider misaligned wheels when assessing for post-collision damage. 

All of the above problems can seriously affect driver and passenger safety. Having the expertise to make sure all damage is accounted for and is being addressed makes those with auto body technician careers extremely important to the safety and well-being of everyone on the road. 

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