A Look at the New ‘Amazon Vehicles’ Platform for Students in Auto Sales Training

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With each passing year, the nature of the world’s economy gets more digitized. Customers increasingly use the internet to research, review, and eventually purchase everyday products, no matter how large or small. However, buying a car, one of the most important purchases in a person’s life, happens exclusively in person. E-commerce, despite having the infrastructure necessary to handle a purchase of that size, does not do it. A part of the reason why is because customers like to actually test drive a car and get a close look at it in person before making their purchase.

However, a new platform by e-commerce giant Amazon is trying something a little different. The platform, Amazon Vehicles, was just launched and is a community for research and reviews about all kinds of cars. If you’ve been thinking about working in automotive sales, read on to discover some of the capabilities that Amazon Vehicles will have.

It Is a Forum for Research and Discussion, Not Actual Purchase

What’s important to know about the new Amazon Vehicles platform right off the bat is that it isn’t a place with the capability to sell a car. Instead, it is a forum where potential customers can research cars that interest them. This way, they get to gather as much information and personal reviews of the car in question from other users before approaching a dealership. This mixture of opinions and information will make Amazon Vehicles feel like a real community. Students ready to embark on automotive sales careers might know that this has the potential to change the amount of knowledge that aspiring car owners will know as they step into dealerships for the first time.

Pros with Auto Sales Training Know It Might Boost Sales and Lead to New Opportunities

While cars may not be sold on this new platform, Amazon does sell all manner of different car parts for upgrade or repair. It also sells various accessories, like dash cams. Creating a central forum that allows for honest dialogue, review, and research makes it more likely that customers looking for advice will also make parts and accessories purchases through the site too.

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Students with auto sales training may know this platform could increase Amazon’s sales

How Amazon’s new platform will ultimately affect professionals working in car sales still needs to be determined, but some speculate that it could create new opportunities for professionals with auto sales training. For example, graduates might be able to provide their expert input and advice on these types of platforms.

Grads of Automotive Sales College Know ‘Amazon Vehicles’ Is Looking to the Future

Auto sales professionals know that this community will only thrive if it offers benefits to both Amazon and the car dealerships. Aside from this new platform simply driving sales of parts and accessories and branding themselves as the place for thoughtful, honest, unbiased feedback for car selection, it sets them up well to partner with car dealerships in the future. Recently, Amazon offered customers the chance to order test drives from Hyundai directly on their website. Should they expand their platform to digitize the dealership experience for customers, it would create an exciting opportunity for professionals with automotive sales careers. They would be able to conduct business online and offer their expertise to more customers, as well as have a much larger reach to make sales.

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