A Look at Advanced Driver Assistance Systems for Students in Auto Technology School

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The automotive industry has been revolutionized in the past decade. One innovation that is contributing to the advancement of the industry is Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). ADAS is part of a decades-long push towards creating self-driving vehicles. Engineers have been attempting to design self-driving vehicles since the mid-twentieth century. In fact, things that we take for granted today, like cruise-control, are ADAS features that help make driving safer.

Today, ADAS technology is looking increasingly futuristic. In 2017, Google piloted a self-driving taxi program with a vehicle called Waymo One in Phoenix, Arizona and car maker Tesla is famous for its attempt at creating a fully autonomous vehicle. Read on to discover what ADAS are about and how it’s being used.

What Are ADAS and How Are They Being Used in Cars?

So what counts as an ADAS? Essentially, ADAS are a combination of intelligent electric systems that help make driving easier and safer. They are components that are embedded throughout the vehicle and that cover a variety of functions such as: sensing and analyzing, decision-making, and vehicle control. These different function groups cover everything from high-tech camera feedback and artificial intelligence to braking and steering. The ADAS are changing auto technology and as a consequence, the way we drive is also changing.

ADAS technologies are being used to develop self-driving cars
ADAS technologies are being used to develop self-driving cars

These systems provide the driver with useful information about their vehicle, their driving, and about the road that they are driving on. Road closures, traffic congestion, accidents, and alternate routes can all be signaled by the ADAS. They can also detect driving behaviors and suggest corrective strategies. If, for example, a driver is experiencing fatigue, a sensing system might detect that their hand is gradually releasing the steering wheel and vibrate or emit a sound to get their attention.

High-quality cameras and geo-location technology can also assist the driver in parking by providing accurate detail of their surroundings and notifying them of any obstacles or impediments. Some vehicles, like the Lincoln MKS or the Mercedes E-Class, even have self-parking technology!

Why You Should Know About ADAS Developments in Auto Technology

As ADAS are becoming more popular, it is important to understand how they operate. Auto technology school prepares you to participate in this exciting and constantly evolving industry. With an emphasis on running diagnostics and developing your repair skills, you are given the hands-on experience required to become a competitive candidate for employment upon completion of your program. As an eventual expert in the field, you should be familiar with many aspects of an automobile’s design, and an automotive technology program will walk you through the different parts of a vehicle from hydraulic systems, to alignment, to welding and electrical fundamentals.

You’ll likely encounter new ADAS technologies in your career after training
You’ll likely encounter new ADAS technologies in your career after training

By combining a certification in auto technology with knowledge that you’re constantly accumulating, you can build your credibility and become a professional to whom people want to entrust their vehicle. Your expertise will also help you better adapt and understand industry developments, such as the latest ADAS technology!

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